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WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Results: Cody Rhodes Vs. Seth Rollins Full Match & Winner

WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Results: Cody Rhodes Vs. Seth Rollins Full Match & Winner

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Cody Rhodes Vs. Seth Rollins takes place on June 5, 2022, at the Allstate Arena in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois.

After defeating Seth “Freakin” Rollins for a second straight time at WrestleMania Backlash, Cody Rhodes was ready to move on to the next challenge in pursuit of the ultimate prize, but The Visionary was not.

Cody Rhodes Vs. Seth Rollins Match Time

Hell in a Cell, streams live Sunday, June 5, at 8 ET/5 PT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2022: Cody Rhodes Vs. Seth Rollins Full Match

We start things off with Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins is wearing polka dots, and they look better than that shitty red cage. Cody Rhodes follows up next. Cody only lifted one of his arms during his entrance pose.

Cody is hardly moving his arm, How is he having this match right now, much respect to Cody Rhodes.Cody gets to land a jab. Seth goes for the injured right pectoral but Cody with punches. Cody with a kick and jabs. Cody stands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Cody with Cody cutters. Cody goes for the crossroads but Seth with a kick. Cody with a figure four leg lock.

Seth reaches for the ropes but the rope doesn't break. Seth looks under the ring and finds a toolbox and then finds a kendo stick and hits Cody in the right side of his body. Seth hits Cody with a kendo stick in his right hand.

Seth hits Cody in the neck with a kendo stick. Cody blocks Rollins with a kendo stick shot and jabs. Seth with a dropkicks through the ropes and then he sends Cody into the cell. Seth sends Cody into the cell and then smashes Cody's face into the cell. Cody sends Seth into the cell several times. Cody with a clothesline and another clothesline that sends Seth over the top rope to the floor.

Seth putting on Cody's jacket and brings out a polka dot weight belt, Seth brings out a table, huge pop from the crowd.

Rollins sets up the table in the midsection and gets Cody to the top, Rollins tries to suplex Cody, but Cody powers out and lifts Rollins up on his shoulder, ready to plant a Powerbomb. Rollins escapes...Rollins with a couple of punches and sets Cody onto the table. Rollins goes to the top and performs a Frog Splash, but Cody sides up as Rollins crashes in.

Cody goes to the bottom of the ring and gets him a bull rope with a cowbell and he tells Seth to do the same. Seth puts it. Cody with a clothesline and then he lays Seth down on the mat. Seth with a kick and Cody with a super kick lets Seth go to Cowbell. Cody hits Seth with a cowbell and Cody almost falls.

Seth uses the bullrope to first pull Cody shoulder into the ring post. Seth takes off the bullrope. Seth takes a table and brings it to the ring. Seth put the table in the corner. Seth sets up for a powerbomb running through the table but Cody runs away. Cody with Cross Rhodes for a near fall.

Cody sets up for a powerbomb through the table but Cody can't pick up Seth. Cody tries to send Seth through the table but Seth stops Cody and gives him a forearm. Seth power bombs Cody through the table.

This is osm chants all through the arena. Cody has a hammer now, wants to do some Triple H stuff?...Rollins escapes out while, Cody still follows up, Rollins gets back into the ring and Cody does the same, but this time gets a Stomp from Rollins for near fall.

Rollins hits Rhodes with a Cross Rhodes but Rhodes was able to hit one as well and both men are down. Both reach for the sledgehammer. Rhodes gets it but doesn't have the strength to use it. Rhodes hits two more Cross Rhodes and goes for the Sledgehammer again. Rhodes hits Rollins with it and scores the pinfall victory.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2022: Cody Rhodes Vs. Seth Rollins Match Winner

Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall

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