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Who Is The Worst WWE Royal Rumble Winner In History

Who Is The Worst WWE Royal Rumble Winner In History

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It is difficult to determine who the "worst" Royal Rumble winner in history is, as this can vary depending on one's criteria for evaluating a wrestler's performance. Some may argue that a wrestler who had a lackluster performance in the Royal Rumble match or did not have a strong push or impact on the company after winning the match is the worst winner.

However, others may argue that a wrestler who won through controversial means or was not a fan favorite at the time of their win is the worst.

For example, in 1999 Vince McMahon was the surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match, and he last eliminated Stone Cold Steve Austin, winning the match, this could be considered a worst winner as the match was not meant to be won by the promoter, it was meant to be a showcase of the company's wrestlers.

Another example could be in 1994, Lex Luger was the surprise entrant at number 27, and he eliminated Bret Hart and last eliminated Yokozuna, winning the match, Luger was not a fan favorite and the win was not well received by the audience, this could also be considered a worst winner.

It is worth noting that opinions on this matter may vary widely and that ultimately the worst Royal Rumble winner is a subjective judgement.

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