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WWE WrestleMania 39 Results: The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Full Match & Winner

WWE WrestleMania 39 Results: The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Full Match & Winner

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Inglewood - Amid great anticipation, the ultimate clash that will determine the fate of the championship belts, and potentially the entire Bloodline, is set to take place. The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos, are slated to engage in a fierce face-off with the reunited brothers-in-arms, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, on the grandest stage of them all.

The impending encounter has generated widespread excitement and anticipation amongst wrestling enthusiasts, who are eagerly looking forward to witnessing this epic showdown. The stakes are incredibly high, with both teams vying for the coveted championship title and the honor of being recognized as the ultimate champions.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens is set to stream live on Peacock at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. The pre-show starts two-hour earlier, at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT.

WWE WrestleMania 39: The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Full Match Recap

Sami and Jimmy initiate the proceedings, with Jimmy asking Jey if he wants to commence and Jey tagging himself in. The two wrestlers engage in a grapple, with Jey applying a side head lock. Jey follows up with a forceful shoulder tackle, pointing his finger to the sky in a display of confidence. They lock up again, and Jey once more applies a side head lock. However, Sami quickly responds with a Thesz Press, raining down punches on Jey.

Sami continues to pummel Jey with punches until Jimmy seizes the opportunity to make a tag. With the ropes pulled down by Jimmy, Sami is propelled over the top rope and crashes onto the unforgiving floor. Taking advantage of the situation, Jimmy unleashes a powerful clothesline on his hapless opponent.

Jimmy hurls Sami towards the unyielding ring post with immense force. Jey takes advantage of the situation, tagging himself in and unleashing a spectacular suicide dive onto Sami. Kevin tries to interfere, but the referee swiftly intervenes, ordering him to return to his designated corner. Jey proceeds to execute a brutal suplex on the unforgiving floor, followed by a vicious punch to Sami's midsection. Jey then proceeds to choke Sami with the ropes while Jimmy delivers a powerful kick to Sami's prone body.

After tagging himself in, Jimmy delivers a series of kicks and punches to Sami, who valiantly tries to fend off the assault. Sensing an opportunity, Jimmy punches Kevin off the apron before sending Sami hurtling into the corner. Jey tags in and connects with a forceful forearm strike, earning a near fall. Applying a reverse chin lock, Jey expertly keeps Sami at bay, preventing him from making the tag. However, Sami summons his resilience and delivers a boot to Jey's face, following up with a flurry of punches to Jimmy. In a moment of desperation, Sami sends Jey crashing to the floor and crawls to his corner, tagging in Kevin Owens.

Owens ascends to the top turnbuckle and executes a spectacular swanton onto both Jimmy and Jey. Owens then slams Jimmy into the ring post and unleashes a series of clotheslines on both opponents. Taking the fight outside the ring, Owens lands a splash on Jimmy from the apron. Owens then returns to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle once more, hitting a breathtaking frog splash on Jey for a near fall. Owens attempts a kick and a stunner, but Jey counters with a pop-up neck breaker, narrowly missing a victory.

Jey and Kevin find themselves atop the turnbuckles, with Jimmy tagging himself in for the decisive move. Kevin goes for a swanton on Jey, but Jey expertly lifts his knees in defense. Seizing the opportunity, Jimmy executes a flawless frog splash, almost securing the victory.

Jimmy charges towards the corner to deliver his signature running hip attack, but Owens expertly dodges him. Owens retaliates with a series of devastating super kicks, followed by a powerful cannonball. Owens then ascends to the top rope, but Jey grabs his leg, allowing Sami to land a kick and a brainbuster on the unforgiving apron. Owens manages to recover and executes a perfect swanton onto Jimmy, almost securing the win.

Sami then climbs the turnbuckle and lands a breathtaking frog splash on Jimmy, earning a near fall. However, Jimmy counters Sami's Blue Thunder Bomb and super kicks Owens off the apron. Jey then tags in and Sami hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Jimmy, only for Jey to retaliate with a super kick and a jumping thrust kick, coming perilously close to securing a victory. Jey then lands a super kick on Sami, while Jimmy delivers a devastating super kick to Sami's prone body. Jey follows up with a powerful double super kick, almost earning a victory.

Jey then unleashes a vicious super kick on Owens, while muttering something to Sami. The two then execute a brutal double super kick to the back of Sami's head, nearly securing the win. However, Sami manages to kick out, displaying incredible resilience and fortitude.

Jimmy makes the tag and he and Jey deliver another devastating double super kick, but Sami still manages to kick out at the last moment. Jey tags back in and he and Jimmy prepare to execute their finishing move, 1D. However, Owens intervenes by tripping Jimmy, allowing Sami to almost secure a victory with a sunset flip. Owens then takes matters into his own hands by sending Jimmy crashing into the announce table. He attempts to hit a package piledriver on Jimmy onto the table, but Jey intervenes and stops him.

Jimmy then delivers a well-placed kick to Owens, and he and Jey proceed to execute a ruthless double choke slam on Owens, sending him crashing through the table in a shower of wood and debris.

Upon tagging in, Jey inquires when Sami will give up. He subjects Sami to a barrage of slaps and follows up with a series of forearms. Sami clings onto the turnbuckles to remain upright, but eventually succumbs and drops to the mat. Jey then delivers a devastating Yakuza Kick to Sami's head.

Jey hoists Sami up in the air and laments that he should have never abandoned the Bloodline. Sami retaliates by driving Jey forcefully into the turnbuckles with an exploder. Owens swiftly makes his way to the apron and tags in. He executes a pop-up power bomb on Jimmy, followed by one on Jey. Sami joins in the fray, nailing Jimmy with a Helluva Kick, while Owens lands a stunner on Jey, but it only results in a close near-fall.

Kevin lends a helping hand to Sami, as Jimmy assists Jey to his feet. The two pairs engage in an intense exchange of blows, with Jimmy clobbering Sami with a super kick. In response, Kevin delivers a super kick to both Jimmy and Jey. As Jey springs into action, leaping over a pop-up power bomb, Jimmy and Jey land super kicks on Kevin, dislodging Sami from the turnbuckles. The Usos then hoist Kevin up in the middle of the ring and ascend to the top rope. They execute a spectacular double frog splash, but Kevin manages to kick out of the pin.

Jey swaps out with Jimmy, and together they unleash a fierce double super kick on Kevin, causing him to stumble. Jey then positions Kevin on the turnbuckles with the intention of delivering a devastating move. However, Sami plays spoiler by tripping Jimmy, causing him to tumble over the announce table.

Seizing the opportunity, Owens executes a magnificent super Fisherman's Buster on Jey. Sami then tags in and proceeds to land two consecutive Helluva Kicks on Jey, leaving him reeling. Sensing victory, Kevin delivers a swift kick to Jimmy and follows it up with a stunner. Sami unleashes a third and final Helluva Kick on Jey, resulting in the three-count and a hard-earned victory for their team.

WWE WrestleMania 39: The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Match Winner

WINNERS: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (new champions)

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