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WWE WrestleMania 39 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes Full Match & Winner

WWE WrestleMania 39 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes Full Match & Winner

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Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title takes place on April 2, 2023, live from SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes takes place on April 2, 2023, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California and will stream live on Peacock at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. The pre-show starts two-hour earlier, at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT.

WWE WrestleMania 39: Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes Full Match Highlights

Upon being handed a microphone, Roman declares that Wrestlemania must acknowledge him. With conviction in his voice and determination in his eyes, Roman commands the attention of the entire arena.

As they stand in the center of the ring, their eyes locked in a fierce stare-down, Cody and Roman begin to circle each other, each sizing up the other's strengths and weaknesses. The tension in the air is palpable as they finally lock up, with Cody quickly taking control with a side head lock. Undeterred, Roman counters with a hammer lock, forcing Cody to release his grip as he reaches for the ropes.

After a brief pause, they lock up again, with Cody once again securing a side head lock. This time, Roman manages to lift Cody up in the air, but his opponent quickly responds with a swift take down. Roman regains his footing, but is caught off guard by a powerful kick followed by a drop down uppercut from Cody, sending him rolling out of the ring.

On the floor, Roman huddles with his manager, Paul, discussing their next move and strategizing how to turn the match in their favor. The crowd watches in anticipation as the two wrestlers prepare for the next round of their epic battle.

With his eyes locked firmly on his opponent, Roman re-enters the ring, determined to gain the upper hand. He quickly takes control with a waist lock, but Cody proves to be a formidable foe, executing a standing switch to gain the upper hand.

Not one to be deterred, Roman unleashes a barrage of back elbows, landing two in quick succession. He follows up with a series of clotheslines in the corner, pummeling Cody relentlessly.

However, Roman's aggression proves to be his undoing as he misses a knee strike, allowing Cody to capitalize with a perfectly timed dropkick, nearly earning a fall. Cody seizes the opportunity to lock in an arm bar, putting pressure on Roman's arm and forcing him to fight to stay in the match. The crowd watches with bated breath as the two wrestlers continue to battle it out in the center of the ring.

Cody expertly executes an arm wringer, deftly working on Roman's arm to wear him down. With Roman weakened, Cody takes advantage by securing a side head lock and delivering a punch to his opponent. But Roman is quick to react, catching Cody as he attempts a Beautiful Disaster move and countering it into a powerful power bomb, earning a near fall.

Undeterred, Roman continues to dominate, executing a picture-perfect suplex that leaves Cody reeling. In a show of respect, Roman acknowledges Cody's family before sending him over the top rope. However, Cody manages to save himself by "skinning the cat," gracefully pulling himself back into the ring and sending Roman to the floor.

Cody attempts a kick, but Roman expertly blocks it, turning the tables and slamming Cody face first into the hard apron. The crowd roars with excitement as the two wrestlers continue to push themselves to their limits in their intense battle.

With the intensity of the match reaching new heights, Roman seizes the opportunity to slam Cody onto the ramp, sending shockwaves through the arena. He signals for his partner, Solo, to join him, and the two wrestlers prepare to unleash their full force on their opponent.

But Cody is not one to be underestimated. With a quick move, he manages to escape Roman's grasp and turn the tables, slamming him onto the ramp with incredible force.

Cody follows up with a series of devastating forearms, striking Roman first in the back and then in the face. Roman fights back with a punch, attempting to send Cody into the apron, but Cody manages to block the move and instead sends Roman crashing into the hard surface.

Cody breaks the count and unleashes a series of kicks and punches on Roman, determined to gain the upper hand. However, his momentum is cut short when Solo slides under the ring and hits Cody in the ribs with a chair, causing him to writhe in pain on the floor. The audience watches in anticipation as the intense battle continues to unfold, with each wrestler pushing themselves to their limits in a quest for victory.

After the brutal attack by Solo, Roman seizes the opportunity to continue his assault on Cody, unleashing a vicious Drive By move that sends his opponent reeling. The two wrestlers return to the ring, where Roman quickly goes for a pin, earning a near fall in the process.

Determined to maintain his momentum, Roman takes control with a cravate, locking in a tight hold on Cody's head and neck. The crowd watches with bated breath as the two wrestlers struggle for dominance in the center of the ring, each pushing themselves to their limits in a quest for victory.

Cody tries to fight back against Roman's cravate with a powerful forearm strike, but Solo intervenes by tripping Cody from outside the ring, going unnoticed by the referee. Taking advantage of the distraction, Roman follows up with a clothesline that nearly secures him the victory.

With Cody still reeling, Roman delivers a hard Irish whip, sending Cody crashing into the turnbuckle with a resounding thud. Undeterred, Roman follows up by sending Cody out of the ring, determined to continue his assault. The crowd watches in anticipation as Roman follows Cody to the outside, ready to unleash his next move in their intense battle. Each wrestler pushes themselves to their limits, knowing that victory hangs in the balance with every move they make.

The intensity of the match reaches new heights as Roman pulls off the hood of the announce tables, ready to use it as a weapon against his opponent. He sends Cody hurtling towards the table with incredible force, the sound of the impact echoing through the arena. Breaking the referee's count, Roman returns to the outside of the ring, determined to unleash his next move. He climbs atop the announce table, preparing to deliver a devastating power bomb onto the other table.

But Cody is not one to go down without a fight. With a quick move, he manages to block Roman's attack and instead delivers a powerful back body drop, sending both wrestlers crashing through the table in a shower of wood and debris. The crowd erupts into cheers as Cody rises triumphantly from the wreckage, his determination and resilience in the face of Roman's onslaught earning him the respect and admiration of fans across the arena. The battle rages on, with each wrestler pushing themselves to their limits in a quest for victory.

Breaking the referee's count, Cody retreats to the floor to catch his breath and regroup. But Roman is relentless, pursuing his opponent and delivering a powerful forearm strike as they return to the ring. Cody refuses to back down, countering with a quick kick followed by a drop-down uppercut. Showing off his incredible strength, Cody then executes a powerful power slam that nearly takes Roman down for the count.

But Roman is not one to go down without a fight. He manages to avoid Cody's next move, a Cody Cutter, and kicks out of a near fall. Cody continues to press the attack, delivering a series of boots that send Roman reeling towards the ropes. In a desperate move, Roman retreats to the outside of the ring, hoping to avoid Cody's onslaught. But Cody is relentless, charging towards his opponent and executing a daring suicide dive that sends both wrestlers crashing to the floor in a heap.

As the match heats up, Solo becomes increasingly desperate and resorts to using his weight belt as a weapon, striking Cody in the back. The referee quickly catches on to the cheating and sends Solo to the back, leaving Roman to fend for himself. In the chaos, Roman manages to get his hands on the weight belt, but the referee tries to take it away from him. Cody takes advantage of the distraction, kicking Roman and executing a devastating CrossRhodes for a near fall.

But Roman is not out of the fight yet. He fights back with a jawbreaker and headbutt, followed by a barrage of elbows to the back of Cody's head. Roman then sends Cody over the top rope, but Cody manages to catch himself and tries to "skin the cat" by pulling himself back into the ring.

Unfortunately for Cody, Roman is one step ahead and catches him with a powerful uranage, nearly ending the match in his favor. The tension in the arena is palpable as the two wrestlers continue to battle it out.

The tension in the ring reaches a fever pitch as both wrestlers trade blows. Roman readies himself for his signature Superman punch, but Cody manages to dodge it and counters with a devastating Pedigree, nearly scoring the pinfall. Undeterred, Cody tries to regain the upper hand with his Beautiful Disaster move, but Roman is too quick and catches him with a thunderous Superman punch, barely missing the victory.

Roman gathers himself for his devastating spear, but Cody manages to counter with a sunset flip, coming agonizingly close to a three-count. Not content to rest on his laurels, Cody follows up with a leg sweep, locking Roman in a figure four leg lock. Roman struggles to escape, but Cody maintains the pressure, refusing to let up. In a moment of desperation, Roman manages to turn the hold around, reversing the pressure on Cody's legs.

Undaunted, Cody fights back, delivering a series of punches to Roman's face. Roman responds in kind, as both wrestlers refuse to give an inch. Cody drops Roman on the top rope, then leaps over him, but Roman catches him with a thunderous spear, coming within a hair's breadth of victory. The crowd is on the edge of their seats as the two wrestlers continue to battle it out, neither willing to give an inch.

Roman unleashes a series of forceful forearms on Cody before hoisting him up for a guillotine choke. The referee closely monitors the situation and checks if Cody is still conscious by observing if his arm drops three times. However, Cody manages to keep his arm up and remain in the match. Roman decides to increase the pressure on Cody's neck by locking in a body scissors as well.

Cody managed to escape Roman's guillotine hold and launched a series of forearms at him, but Roman forcefully pushed him away. As Cody attempted a kick, he accidentally hit the referee instead of Roman, leaving him stunned. Roman capitalized on the situation and delivered a devastating Superman punch to Cody, knocking him down.

Both men were down, but Cody managed to get up first and challenged Roman to do the same. Cody prepared himself for a CrossRhodes maneuver, but his efforts were cut short by the sudden interference of Jimmy and Jey Uso, who delivered a double superkick to Cody, followed by a brutal 1D maneuver. The Usos then helped Roman to his feet, but before they could do any more damage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn entered the fray, attacking the Usos and taking the fight to them outside the ring.

In the midst of the chaos, Cody managed to lay his arm on Roman and get a near fall. The two wrestlers then exchanged a flurry of punches and forearms, with Roman delivering a powerful uppercut and Cody responding with a solid punch.

As Roman set up for a Superman punch, Cody managed to avoid it and unleashed a series of jabs, followed by his signature move, the flip, flop, and fly Bionic Elbow. Cody then executed a drop-down uppercut and followed it up with a CrossRhodes maneuver. Cody attempted to pin Roman, but Paul Heyman got on the apron to distract the referee. As Cody held on for a second CrossRhodes, Solo suddenly appeared and delivered a vicious Samoan Spike to Cody, leaving him vulnerable to a spear from Roman, who pinned him for the victory.

WWE WrestleMania 39: Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes Match Winner

WINNER: Roman Reigns via pinfall

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