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WWE WrestleMania 39 Results: Charlotte Flair Vs Rhea Ripley Full Match & Winner

WWE WrestleMania 39 Results: Charlotte Flair Vs Rhea Ripley Full Match & Winner

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Inglewood - At WrestleMania, the stage is set for a highly-anticipated showdown between Rhea Ripley, the winner of the Royal Rumble, and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. This match offers Ripley a shot at redemption after coming up short in previous battles with Flair.

The anticipation for this matchup has been building for weeks, with Ripley proving herself as a dominant force in the women's division and Flair solidifying her place as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Fans are eager to see who will come out on top in what promises to be a hard-hitting, high-stakes battle.

Charlotte Flair Vs Rhea Ripley takes place on April 1, 2023, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California and will stream live on Peacock at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. The pre-show starts two-hour earlier, at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT.

WWE WrestleMania 39: Charlotte Flair Vs Rhea Ripley Full Match Recap

Charlotte rebounded off the ropes before engaging in a lockup. She quickly transitioned to a wrist lock, which Flair countered with a hammer lock before smacking the back of Rhea's head. Charlotte followed up with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle, but Rhea retaliated with one of her own. Rhea expertly blocked a hip toss and missed a clothesline. Flair responded with a shoulder tackle, sending Rhea flying over the top rope and onto the floor.

Rhea quickly climbed back into the ring and poked Flair, provoking a chop from the seasoned wrestler. Rhea then backed Flair into the corner and landed a series of shoulder strikes. Flair fought back with a flurry of forearms, but Rhea responded with an Irish whip that saw Flair flip onto the apron. Flair connected with a kick before leaping from the top rope with a crossbody. Rhea countered with a back elbow, but Flair responded with a kick to the head.

Charlotte attempted a knee drop, but Rhea was quick to avoid it, slamming Flair into the top turnbuckle instead. Rhea then rained down kicks on Flair's back, working it over effectively. Flair fought back with more forearms, but Rhea responded with a kick that sent Flair into the turnbuckles. Rhea then applied a body scissors, tightening the hold with each passing second. Rhea continued to work on Flair's back, landing forearms to the same spot repeatedly. Flair tried to escape but was met with more forearms from Rhea. Charlotte managed to counter with a rollup, but it only resulted in a near fall. Rhea then landed two more forearms to Flair's back before Flair countered with a back elbow. Flair missed a chop, and Rhea capitalized with a German suplex, almost getting the pinfall. Rhea then followed up with a short-arm clothesline, connecting with another one soon after.

Charlotte Flair unleashed a flurry of attacks on Rhea Ripley, utilizing her signature moves like a boot to the face and an elbow strike. She then followed up with a backbreaker that sent Rhea crashing into the turnbuckles. Flair continued her assault with a series of clotheslines and chops to Rhea's torso. She even dropped a knee onto Rhea's leg while it was hanging on the ropes, causing her opponent to wince in pain.

Rhea tried to mount a counterattack by sending Flair to the apron, but the latter responded with a forceful forearm strike. Flair then took to the top rope and executed a cross body, only for Rhea to catch her and attempt a slam. However, Flair expertly countered with a DDT, nearly pinning Rhea in the process.

Flair attempted to lock in her patented figure-four submission hold, but Rhea managed to kick her away twice. Undeterred, Flair tried once more, but Rhea kicked her away a third time. Rhea then surprised Flair with an inside cradle pin, coming very close to a victory.

As both women struggled to get back to their feet, they simultaneously landed boots to each other's heads, causing both of them to collapse onto the mat in exhaustion.

Rhea Ripley responded to Charlotte Flair's forearm strike with one of her own, and Flair retaliated in kind. The two wrestlers engaged in a fierce exchange of forearms, neither willing to back down. However, Rhea gained the upper hand with a well-placed kick, followed by a stomp on Flair's foot and a brutal facebuster maneuver.

Flair managed to recover quickly and responded with a fallaway slam, showcasing her incredible strength. She then climbed up to the top turnbuckle, intending to execute her signature moonsault maneuver. However, Rhea proved to be a formidable opponent and quickly leaped onto the turnbuckles to counter Flair's attack.

Despite this setback, Flair remained determined and used her agility to knock Rhea off the turnbuckles. However, Rhea quickly recovered and executed a German superplex, nearly securing a victory over Flair.

Flair deftly landed on her feet and quickly clipped Rhea, executing Natural Selection and nearly securing the fall. Rhea, however, rolled to the apron to catch her breath. The two fierce competitors took their battle to the outside, but Flair's attempt at a spear resulted in a painful collision with the unforgiving ring steps.

After returning to the ring, Rhea took control and sent Flair to the mat, coming close to a pinfall. Rhea then set up for her signature RipTide move, but Flair escaped and impressively countered with not one, but two German suplexes. However, Rhea regained the momentum with a back elbow and another German suplex that sent Flair crashing hard onto the mat.

Undeterred, Flair fought back with an elbow strike after blocking Rhea's attempt at another German suplex. Flair then landed a boot and nearly secured the win. Rhea, refusing to give up, kicked Flair to prevent her from locking in the figure four submission hold. Flair responded with a powerful running boot, sending Rhea tumbling off the apron. Flair then ascended the turnbuckles and executed a beautiful moonsault.

As the action returned to the ring, Flair executed a single leg takedown, but Rhea kicked her away. Flair attempted another spear but nearly collided with the referee. Rhea took advantage and delivered a head butt, followed by the RipTide, coming close to victory once again.

Rhea forcefully drove Flair back into the mat, demonstrating her unrelenting strength. Flair showed her resilience, however, and attempted an inside cradle for a near fall. Despite Flair's efforts, Rhea managed to seize control with her deadly submission move, the Prison Lock, applying immense pressure on Flair's limbs and neck.

Flair managed to reach the ropes, compelling Rhea to release the devastating Prison Lock hold. However, in a moment of desperation, Flair sent Rhea careening into the referee while breaking free. Taking advantage of the situation, Flair executed a spear on Rhea, coming dangerously close to securing the win.

In a display of arrogance, Flair then shoved Rhea's face, prompting a fierce response of forearms from her opponent. The two competitors engaged in a heated exchange of forearms, with neither willing to back down. Rhea then unleashed a powerful round kick, but Flair countered with a boot to the head.

Flair then applied the Figure Four Leg Lock on Rhea, putting pressure on her legs and threatening to force a submission. However, Rhea showed incredible determination and managed to reach the ropes, forcing Flair to break the hold. Rhea, undeterred, retreated to the safety of the apron, perhaps strategizing her next move.

Flair seized the momentum and sent Rhea careening into the unforgiving ring post, eliciting a cry of pain from her opponent. The two then ascended the turnbuckles, with Flair attempting a daring super fallaway slam. However, Rhea proved to be a formidable adversary, halting Flair's attempt and slamming her onto the ring post with incredible force.

With Flair weakened and vulnerable, Rhea seized the opportunity to execute her signature move, RipTide, from the top turnbuckle. Flair was left with no defense against the devastating move, and Rhea secured the victory with a resounding three-count.

WWE WrestleMania 39: Charlotte Flair Vs Rhea Ripley Match Winner

WINNER: Rhea Ripley via pinfall

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