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WWE WrestleMania 38 Results: Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos Full Match & Winner

WWE WrestleMania 38 Results: Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos Full Match & Winner

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The Giant vs. The All-Mighty; a towering showdown barely big enough to fit on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Standing toe-to-toe with heavyweights Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Drew McIntyre, Lashley is no stranger to squaring off with giants. This is a point he proved in stunning fashion by knocking the seven-foot-tall Omos to the canvas for the first time.

Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos is set to take place on April 3, 2022, at the AT&T Stadium in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex city of Arlington, Texas.

WWE WrestleMania 38 Results: Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos Full Match

Both giants are in the ring, the bell rings, Omos with a one Forearm strike to take him down. Omos goes for another one. Lashley tries to power out but doesn't get it. Omos with a massive Boot, Omos crases Lashley into the corner.

Bobby Lashley is back to the offensive side, Lashley goes for the Hurlock, but Omos powers it out and once again takes the lead. Lasley is forced out of the ring. Lashley backs up on the apron, but still no good sign for Bobby as he is hurt again. # Lashley with a back elbow but Omos with a bear hug. Omos runs Lashley into the turnbuckles and Lashley’s head hits the ring post. Omos with elbows in the corner and he returns to the bear hug. The referee checks on Lashley.

Lashley sends Omos into the corner and connects with Forearms. Lashley sends Omos into the turnbuckles and kicks Omos. Lashley sets for a suplex but Omos escapes but misses a clothesline. Lashley with a kick and suplex.

WWE WrestleMania 38 Results: Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos Match Winner

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pinfall

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