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WWE WrestleMania 37: Sasha Banks Vs. Bianca Belair - SmackDown Women's Championship Full Match, Winner

WWE WrestleMania 37: Sasha Banks Vs. Bianca Belair - SmackDown Women's Championship Full Match, Winner

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Here is the final result for the SmackDown Women's Championship Match that took place between Sasha Banks Vs. Bianca Belair.

WWE runs a video package before kicking off the main event of WrestleMania night 1. We cut off the promo as the challenger makes her way up to the ring. The Music hit as Belair was followed by the champion Sasha Banks.

The whole arena was hyped, Bianca Belair got emotional as the crowd started chanting her name. The bell rang as Sasha Banks went right after Belair. A Standing Moonsault as Belair stood on her feet, a little of trash-talking, Sasha Banks drove Belair out over the top rope. Sasha Banks with another kick to drive Belair back.

A suicide dive from Sasha Banks, but Bianca Belair instead rolled up and got Banks back to the ring while she was on her shoulder. A shoulder tackle from Belair followed by a Moonslaut, but a great counter for Sasha Banks as she turned it out her own move.

Sasha Banks was making the best, Bianca into the Conor followed by knee as Belair down into the cornor, Sasha Banks with a Double attempt, but a great counter from Belair as she was able to backfire. Both women's back inside the ring, A vertical Suplex, Banks attempted to bounce twice, but eventually had a massive Vertical Suplex.

Now, Belair and Banks face to face, Belair with a right hand followed by a Dropkick. Belair with another Moonsault to punish her hard in the middle. Belair up to the top to follow up a Splash, but that allowed Banks to have her knees up.

Now, Sasha Banks with the backslide for the cover, Belair with a great transition to break the hold, Sasha Banks pummeled her around the cornor, A Double springboard DDT from Sasha Banks. Banks went for the cover, but Belair still kicked out at two. Banks was all enraged she sent Belair crashing through the steel steps.

Sasha Banks drove Belair back inside the ring followed by the Banks Statment, Belair with a great transition as she was able to touch the bottom rope. Sasha Banks all depressed she looked to end the night, Sasha Bank caught up Belair high hanging right between the ropes. Belair with a great counter and quickly performed a Top rope Splash for the cover, but Sasha Banks once again kicked out at two.

Bianca Belair with a massive chop and looked for the KOD, Sasha Banks was able to avoid at first, but not this time. Belair with another KOD for the cover to win the match.

Winner: Bianca Belair, via pinfall




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