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WWE Top 10 Moves Of Brock Lesnar

WWE Top 10 Moves Of Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar's monstrous aura is furthered by the devastating moves he attacks his WWE opponents within the ring.

After debuting on WWE's main roster in 2002, Lesnar won the WWE Championship. five months after his debut at the age of 25, becoming the youngest champion in the title's history. Following his match with Goldberg at WrestleMania XX.

Lesnar is an eight-time world champion in WWE, a one-time world champion in NJPW and IGF, a one-time heavyweight champion in the UFC, and a one-time heavyweight wrestling champion in the NCAA, the only person in history to win a championship in each of those organizations.

In addition, Lesnar has won the 2002 King of the Ring tournament, the 2003 Royal Rumble, and the 2019 Money in the Bank, the third wrestler (after Edge and Sheamus) to achieve those three accomplishments.

He has headlined numerous pay-per-view events for both WWE and the UFC, including WrestleMania XIX, WrestleMania 31, WrestleMania 34, WrestleMania 36, UFC 100, and UFC 116. Lesnar has been managed by Paul Heyman throughout the majority of his professional wrestling career.

1. Shoulder Block: Shoulder Block is a move in which a wrestler simply dash his opponent with the force of his single shoulder.

2. Mounted Punches: The mount, or mounted position, is a dominant ground grappling position, where one combatant sits on the other combatants torso with the face pointing towards the opponent's head.

3. Spinebuster: A gorilla press in which the user drops the opponent and turns them 90 degrees, dropping them onto their shoulder facing the opposite direction to the attacker, before being driven to the ground in a Spinebuster maneuver. Goldberg used the move as a signature.

4. Backbreaker: A backbreaker refers to professional wrestling moves which see a wrestler dropping an opponent so that the opponent's back impacts or is bent backward against a part of the wrestler's body, usually the knee.

5. Belly-to-Belly Suplex: The wrestler wraps their arms around the opponent in a waistlock or a bodylock position and flips them over by violently bridging their own body so the opponent lands on their back. This can be done either overhead or to the side.

6. Multiple Powerbombs: As the name implies, the wrestler performing the move will do so multiple times. To start, they will lift the opponent into a powerbomb position and perform the move. Without letting go of the opponent's waist, the wrestler raises them up again and drops them.

7. Kimura: The Kimura Arm Lock, is all about gaining control of your opponent's arm. You wrap an arm around the arm of your opponent. Then grab your own wrist on your other arm.

8. German Suplex [Suplex City]: The wrestler stands behind the opponent, grabs them around their waist, lifts them up, and falls backwards while bridging his back and legs, slamming the opponent down to the mat shoulder and upper back first.

9. Running Knee Smash: An attack where the wrestler stands behind or in front of the opponent and smashes their knee into the opponent's back or head. It is also referred to as the Running Knee Smash. It was used by Shinsuke Nakamura as the Bomaye. Kota Ibushi uses the Bomaye as a tribute to Nakamura.

10. F-5: The F-5 was generalized by Brock Lesnar. It is executed by lifting an opponent up in a fireman's carry across the shoulders then throwing the opponent's legs out in front of them to spin them out while simultaneously falling backwards, causing the opponent to land on their face and upper body.

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