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WWE TLC 2020: Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens - Universal Title TLC Match Result

WWE TLC 2020: Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens - Universal Title TLC Match Result

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Roman Reigns out first, he awaited Owens to make it to the ring, but Kevin Owens out of nowhere attacked Roman Reigns from behind as the match went under the way. Kevin Owens with a Cannonball and then dumped him flying over the top rope.

This was not the champion Roman Reigns was accepting to come to, Kevin Owens with a Frog Splash from the apron. Kevin Owens back to the ring, he got the following distraction from Jey Uso, but This time Kevin Owens more prepared who sent him with a Superkick.

Kevin Owens really ran ruthless chair shots to Jey Uso, Kevin Owens went up to the apron looking to have another Frog Splash possibly, but this time Roman Reigns with a sidekick to take off Kevin Owens. Roman Reigns went on to grab steel steps and stomped multiple attacks with it.

Kevin Owens was being destroyed completely, Roman Reigns left no way up for Kevin Owens to get back to his feet. Roman Reigns with a chair shot, Kevin Owens tried to counter back with a chair, but it had him in more trouble as Roman Reigns fried back with really ferocious shots.

Jey Uso continued to make the distraction for Kevin Owens, meanwhile, Roman Reigns performed Samoa Drop through the table ringside. Roman Reigns marched his way up to the top to grab the title, but Kevin Owens just made it back to the ring.

Roman Reigns did nothing but laughed over it, Roman Reigns came off, Kevin Owens fired back with multiple punches to the face, but followed a massive Spear crashing into the Table. This time Kevin Owens enticed Roman Reigns to have another Spear, but this time Kevin Owens sided as Roman went crashing into the barricade.

Kevin Owens backed-in, he almost caught the title, but Roman Reigns saved the match, Roman Reigns with a Superman Punch followed by a Pop-up Powerbomb into the table from Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens on his way back to the ladder, Kevin Owens almost grabbed the title but got another distraction from Jey Uso. They both came off.

Kevin Owens took the brutal attack on Jey Uso and once again stepped up, Roman Reigns also marched, Roman Reigns with a Low Blow and then grabbed the hold of Gulition Lock as Kevin Owens came off the Ladder and Roman Reigns easily retained the title.

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