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WWE TLC 2020: Randy Orton Vs. The Fiend Bray Wyatt - Firefly Inferno Match Result

WWE TLC 2020: Randy Orton Vs. The Fiend Bray Wyatt - Firefly Inferno Match Result

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Randy Orton out first followed by The Fiend, the match kicked off with a punch from Randy Orton, but nothing effective for The Fiend as he was giggling, Randy Orton with a kick, but got the same reaction.

The Fiend took the beating, The Fiend with a Headbutt, and then prepared for Sister Abigail which Randy Orton ducked easily, THe Fiend was still fired up. Once again The Fiend with Sister Abigail, Randy Orton was able to avoid it.

In the third attempt The Fiend was able to have Sister Abigail as Randy Orton rolled out of the ring. The Fiend stood all alone in the middle of the ring. The Fiend did the reaction as the fire burnt around all around the arena.

They were attempting cost burnings to each other. The Fiend got the Rocking Chair, he put the gasoline over it and went on to grab Randy Orton, he first sent Randy right into the steel steps and then put Orton on the chair.

Randy Orton was looking faint, The Fiend got the Rocking Flam burnt down. Randy Orton went out of there as soon as flam burnt it down. Randy Orton fired back with multiple steel steps right to the front.

Multiple scuffles around the ring, Randy Orton looked for the RKO, but The Fiend instead turned it into Mandible Claw, Randy Orton turned his back as The Fiend got burnt, Randy Orton back to the ring so, did The Fiend. Randy Orton with a quick RKO as THe Fiend went down.

Randy Orton just checked out The Fiend in order to know, whether he is alive or not. The Fiend did no respond. Randy Orton brought the gasoline and covered it on The Fiend. Randy Orton just went on to turn it into the flam as The Fiend kept burning.

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