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WWE TLC 2020: Drew McIntyre Vs. AJ Styles - WWE Championship TLC Match Winner

WWE TLC 2020: Drew McIntyre Vs. AJ Styles - WWE Championship TLC Match Winner

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AJ Styles accompanied by Omas out first to kick off WWE TLC 2020. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre out came up next, Drew McIntyre took the stare-down at AJ Styles as he enters the ring.

For The first time ever, AJ Styles Vs. Drew McIntyre, for WWE Championship, happens. The Bell rang as AJ Styles attacked Drew McIntyre's knee, but Drew McIntyre was able to handle the situation, Drew with a Suplex followed by a Headbutt to crash down AJ Styles.

Drew McIntyre pummeled him into the cornor, AJ Styles with a shot to the throat, Drew McIntyre once again with Back Body drop and then sent out flying over the top rope with a big chop right on the chest.

Drew McIntyre stomped AJ Styles through the announce Desk and then set off a table ringside, Drew McIntyre slammed AJ into the barricade and tried to get the leader in with AJ Styles down ringside. Drew McIntyre on his way to the top, AJ Styles from down with a chair shot right between the injured left knee.

AJ Styles left more damages to the knee, AJ Styles to the way up, but slowed down by Drew McIntyre. AJ Styles planned to backfire, but this time Drew instead sent AJ Styles right into the steel chair that was set off by AJ Styles himself into the ring cornor.

Drew McIntyre marched his way up to the top, but AJ Styles once again slowed him down with a chair attack, Drew McIntyre was down, Styles punished him more as he launches Ladder onto him. Styles looked for Styles Clash, Drew ducked and instead performed Future Shock DDT.

Drew McIntyre attempted to launch a Ladder right on AJ Styles, but he made his way out of there. AJ Styles attacked Drew McIntyre's left knee once again and then wrenched his left leg between the Ladder. Aj Styles with a chair steel chair right to the spine.

Styles was really focusing on Drew's leg, not only to lessen the power of a claymore kick but making it more difficult for Drew to climb the ladder. AJ Styles continue to double the pain as McIntyre fight back.

They both fought off ringside, AJ Styles put Drew McIntyre up onto a Table, While, AJ Styles went up to the top of the ring post to make a jump, but this Drew McIntyre got and pelted a chair to take off AJ Styles. Drew McIntyre a Ladder back to the ring.

AJ Styles once again took the offense, AJ Styles looked for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Drew McIntyre caught him by the throat and slammed him right into the Ladder. AJ Styles somehow got to have Phenomenal Forearm as Drew McIntyre planned something different.

AJ Styles on his way to the top, Drew McIntyre slowed him and shattered him right into a Ladder ringside. Abruptly, The Miz ran down to the ring and attacked Drew McIntyre's left leg. Drew McIntyre was off, AJ Styles' Omas just blocked The Miz going up to the top, and sent him crashing right into a Ladder ringside.

AJ Styles backed up first followed by Drew McIntyre, They both took the brawl high above Ladder, The Miz got his own Ladder and took the position, McIntyre sent AJ Styles off the Ladder, Now, Miz and Drew one-on-one. Drew McIntyre also sent The Miz off the Ladder.

AJ Styles backed in and climbed up to block Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles successfully sent Drew off the ladder, but unfortunately taken down by The Mix along with the Ladder. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre took the advantage of the distraction and Performed A Claymore Kick and then retained the title.

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