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WWE Survivor Series 2020: The New Day Vs. The Street Profits Match Winner

WWE Survivor Series 2020: The New Day Vs. The Street Profits Match Winner

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The New Day accompanied by Big E made the entrance in Gears of War get-up. The Street Profits were backstage. The match kicked off with Kofi Kingston and Montez Ford.

Gutbuster to Ford from Xavier, Montez Ford was fired back, but Xavier took him down with another shot to the rib. Kofi back to the ring, he was laying the pressure. Ford looked to have a tag, Kofi with another shot to the ribs. Montez somehow with DDT, Anglow fired up.

Ford was finally able to make the tag to Angelo who was fired back, Angelo with a Backbreaker to Xavier and went for the tag to Ford. The Street Profits followed up a floating move for the cover, but Xavier kicked out at two.

There were back to back exchanges from The Street Profits, Xavier and Kofi teamed up, Kofi from the top rope following a Mid night Drop to Ford for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Kofi got the interruption from Angelo, Meanwhile, Ford with Dropkick and then went all over the top rope to have Frongsplash for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Both the teams went back and forth relentless, The New Day took control over the match, Xavier with Gutbuster to Ford, Xavier with Ford up to the top rope, Ford was able to shove him, Xavier, down.

Angelo from ringside making the tag, Ford was still on the top, Angelo caught Xavier from below, and they both performed a Blockbuster for the cover to win the match.

Winner: The Street Profits, won via pinfall

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