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WWE Survivor Series 2020: Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka Match Winner

WWE Survivor Series 2020: Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka Match Winner

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RAW Women's Champion Asuka out first to kick off the match, SmackDown-SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks was up next, Sasha Banks hasn't been able to submit a victory against Asuka.

Sasha Banks with Slipper hold as Asuka was down, Asuka back to the feet, Sasha Banks dropped her once again and went for Armbar, Asuka got the Amr off the shoulder. Sasha Banks reversed to have Banks Statement.

Asuka was able to avoid it, Hyperextended Elbow from Sasha Banks followed by Back Staber for the cover, but kicked out at two. Asuka went out of the ring, Asuka back to the ring, Sasha Banks all over Asuka, Hip attack from Asuka as Sasha Banks went crashing ringside.

Sasha Banks back to the ring, Asuka with an Anklelock followed by a knee strike for the cover, Banks kicked out. Asuka landed her feet right between Banks back. Big Forum from Asuka trying to get the momentum, but Asuka once again took her down with a knee strike.

Sasha Banks got the momentum with a dominant stretch on Asuka, Asuka used her power and crashed Banks into the cornor, They both pummeled on the apron, Sasha Banks went down with a Hip attack from Asuka.

Sasha Banks was able to retaliate and followed up a Dropkick, Banks out of the ring, Banks up to the top of Barricade, Banks looked for Meteora, but Asuka instead followed up a knee strike to take down Banks.

Both back to the ring, Sasha Banks from the top rope with Meteora and then turned around with Banks Statement, Asuka was able to turn it into Asuka lock, Banks escaped, Asuka with Double knee for the cover, but kicked out at two. They both followed up quick roll-up. in the end, Sasha Banks rolled-in Asuka under three counts to win the match.

Winner: Sasha Banks, won via pinfall




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