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WWE Survivor Series 2020: Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre Full Match, Winner

WWE Survivor Series 2020: Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre Full Match, Winner

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Head of the table Roman Reigns accompanied by Paul Heyman out first, followed by the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in the same attire he wore during his match against Randy Orton. They both paused their match in the mid-section.

Waist lock by Drew McIntyre, they separated quickly, locked in again, Headlock from Roman Reigns followed by a takedown. Drew McIntyre back to his feet, now it's McIntyre with Sideheadlock. Drew McIntyre was putting the pressure on Roman's Neck, Drew McIntyre with a shoulder tackle to Roman Reigns.

Drew McIntyre with another Shoulder tackle, Roman Reigns rolled out, Drew all alone, Roman back to ring, Roman, Reigns with a punch to the face of Drew McIntyre and then assaulted him in the cornor.

Drew McIntyre fired back with a chop in the cornor, Roman Reigns with a Headbutt, Drew McIntyre unloaded right hands to Roman Reigns. This went for a short while as Roman Reigns sent him crashing through the ring post.

Roman Reigns got Drew McIntyre back to the ring, Roman with Chin lock, Drew back to his feet, but not completely out of the hold, Roman Reigns with a Knee strike and then a suplex to take him down. Roman Reigns assaulted Drew with a relentless attack to the shoulder.

The referee warned Roman Reigns for using the hair, Roman Reigns with a massive Clothesline for the cover but kicked out at two. Drew McIntyre fired back. McIntyre measured Roman Reigns for Futur Shock DDT, but Roman Reigns avoided it. Roman Reigns instead with Samoa Drop for the cover, Drew kicked out at two.

Roman Reigns looked for Superman Punch, but Drew McIntyre instead with Spinbuster for the cover, 1,2...kicked out. Drew McIntyre assaulted Roman Reigns outside of the ring. Drew McIntyre drove Roman into the steel steps.

Drew McIntyre ducked Roman Reigns back to the ring, Drew McIntyre with Headbutt, and then a massive Futur shock DDT for the cover, but kicked out at two. Drew McIntyre looked for Claymore kick, but Roman Reigns appeared with a Superman punch.

Roman Reigns drove Drew into the ring post, Drew recovered, Roman, Reigns with Spear, but Drew McIntyre instead turned it over in the submission move, Roman Reigns some how touched the bottom rope to break the hold. They both went out, Roman Reigns caught Drew and Performed back to back Samoa Drop into the announce desk.

Roman Reigns waited for Drew McIntyre to recover, Roman Reigns with a massive Spear through the barricade, He got McIntyre back to the ring for the quick cover, but Drew McIntyre still kicked out.

Roman Reigns looked for another Spear, but this time Drew with Knee strike and went for Claymore kick, Roman ducked and had another massive Spear for the cover, but Drew Still kicked out at two.

Roman Reigns looked for another Spear, Drew McIntyre with Claymore kick, but that also sent the referee out of the ring. Jey Uso made the interruption, Drew McIntyre sent Jey Uso out, Drew McIntyre turned his eye all over Roman, Reigns with Low blow, Jey Uso with a Superkick= and then Roman Reigns appeared with his submission move to win the match.

Winner: Roman Reigns, won via submission




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