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WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar Full Match & Winner

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar Full Match & Winner

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WWE's biggest summer event, Summerslam, will take place on Saturday (July 30) at the Nashville Stadium, Tennessee, US. In the main event, the current WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns will defend his title against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match.

Over the years, WWE has gone back to the top major cards of Reigns vs. Lesnar. The two recently met at WrestleMania, in which Reigns won. Now they meet again, this time under Last Man Standing rules. This is the kind of grueling match that sets up the winner to be redeemed by the Money in the Bank contract holder theory.

What Time Is Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar?

The event is set to stream live on Peacock at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. The pre-show starts one hour earlier, at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT.

WWE SummerSlam 2022: Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar Full Match & Video Highlights

Brock Lesnar is up next, no Cowboy hate, Brock driving a tractor to the ring. It's getting interesting now.

Brock Lesnar's entrance is pretty cool with the tractor. Lesnar does his own introduction, Brock Lesnar attacks Roman Reigns as the bell rings. Brock Lesnar takes Roman outside and shoots an Overhead Suplex. Lesnar is fully gaining control over the match. Lesnar is still on the attack. Brock hoists Roman on his Shoulder, but Roman saves and sends Brock into the pole.

They are still outside, Brock drives Roman's spine into the pole, now they are ringside, Brock with a German Suplex, Roman is in deep trouble. Brock goes down and gets out with a Table. Paul Heyman is playing some distraction and that's enough for Roman. Brock is sent through the table.

Roman hits Brock with Steel Steps, another Table, Roman sets up and sends through it. Both are inside the ring, Brock beats the counts. Roman sets up a Superman punch and gets it. Roman goes for a second followed by a Superman punch. Brock Beats the counts on 7.

Brock is on his feet, Roman prepares to land another Spear, but this time, Brock gets him, Brock goes for F-5, but Roman is able to save. Brock sends over the ropes to the ground. Brock is now driving the tractor, he pulls down the elevation and gets back on the work.

Brock plants a Steel step shot and puts Roman into the scoop. Brock Lesnar scoops up Roman Reigns with the tractor and puts him back into the ring. Roman Reigns beats the counts once again. Brock hosts Roman up and shoots an F-5. Roman barely beats the counts.

Brock Lesnar sets up another F-5, while, Roman Reigns reverses into a Gulitom Chock, Lesnar with a DDT into a guillotine of his own. The referee tells Brock to release the hold since Roman is out cold. The referee starts his count.

Roman falls into the ropes to beat the count. Brock goes back to the tractor and he backs it up. Brock uses the tractor to move the ring.. Brock lifts the side of the ring and Roman falls out of the ring. The referee starts his count. Roman gets to his feet. Brock adjusts the announce table.

The Usos attack Brock but Brock with overhead belly-to-belly suplexes to Jimmy and Jey. Paul has some words for Brock and he gives Brock the title belts and he tells Brock to let his tribal chief alone. Brock gives Paul an F5 through the table. Roman with a spear to Brock and everyone but the referee is down.

Theory’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring with a referee and his briefcase.

Theory hit Roman with the briefcase and then Brock hit Theory with an F5 before cashing in. Jimmy and Jay give Brock a double super kick. Roman gets to his feet and Brock gets down on his knee at nine.

Roman Spears on Brock Title Belts. The referee counts him and Brock defeats it. Roman picks up the briefcase and hits Theory and then Lesnar. Roman hits Brock several times with the briefcase and the referee counts again. Lesnar gets back on his feet again. Roman hits Brock with the title belt.

This time, Reigns grabbed the Universal title and hit Lesnar with it. Reigns and Usos grabbed every object they could find at ringside and buried Lesnar under it. Reigns finally was able to get the win.

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar Match Winner

Winner: Roman Reigns

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Roman needs to go on to Hollywood like he's been saying for past year. We are beginning to think Hollywood don't want him either. Idk why he's still hanging around WWE. He needs to get the move on to Hollywood and take his drunk ass cousins with him better yet take his whole bloodline with him their his not ours. The only reason the 3 of them have titles are because of being related to the rock & Vince McMahon's KISS MY A$$ club. Take the WWE DIAPER OFF and get on to Hollywood ->Sandy
30 Jul 2022 08:11:18 am UTC

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