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WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Bianca Belair Vs. Becky Lynch Full Match & Winner

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Bianca Belair Vs. Becky Lynch Full Match & Winner

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At SummerSlam, Bianca Belair will battle Becky Lynch in a highly personal showdown for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Since her triumphant victory over Lynch to capture the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 38, her second Women’s Title captured on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Belair has been a dominant force atop the Raw mountain.

Last year at SummerSlam it was Lynch's shocking return that derailed Belair's first title reign.

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Bianca Belair Vs. Becky Lynch Full Match

There is huge pop for Belair going into the match, The bells ring and the match is underway, They lock up with Lynch backing her down into the ring ropes, No high fly offense going into the match. Lynch catches Belair into the face lock, and takes her to the turnbuckle for Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Belair is able to save herself.

Belair looks hurt going early into the match, she is holding her left shoulder, Lynch with an extended elbow to double the offense. Belair with a Dropkick, down down the challenger, Belair with a cover, but doesn't get it.

Becky sides out of the ring, Meanwhile Belair follows up with her in the back and attempt to land a KOD on the Barricade, but Lynch instead follows up an Elbow and sets her up on the top of the Barricade, and plants a Leg Swip on the back of Belair.

Both are back to the ring once again, Lynch with an Armbar, but she isn't able to adjust it, Lync sends Belair to the apron with a Dropkick. Lynch goes to the second rope and performs a Leg Drop, but Belair with a Powerbomb from the ropes. There is a cover indeed, but no kickout.

Belair with a Supplex outside of the ring. Belair gets Lynch back to the ring for the cover, but Lynch holds up to the match. Bianca for a near fall with a handspring moonsault. Bianca with the shoulders in the corner and Becky with the Irish Whip. Bianca exits the corner and Becky with an elbow.

Bianca goes for a powerbomb and Becky tries to counter a Rana but Bianca stops her. Becky blocks a KOD and tries for a disarmer but Bianca hits the apron and the floor for a break.

Bianca catches Becky and hits a KOD on the floor. Becky is able to return and change at nine. Bianca prepares for KOD, but Becky gets back on her feet. Becky with a kick to the hand but Bianca with a Spinebuster. Bianca goes up but Becky with an uppercut to stop Bianca.

Becky tries for a superplex but Bianca blocks her. Becky pulls Bianca to the mat by the hair and hits a manhandle slam for a nearly fall. Becky with a forearm to Bianca and she goes for the DisArmHer but Bianca counters with a rollup.

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Bianca Belair Vs. Becky Lynch Winner

Winner: Bianca Belair

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