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WWE SmackDown 7/16: Bianca Belair vs. Carmella Full Match & Winner

WWE SmackDown 7/16: Bianca Belair vs. Carmella Full Match & Winner

Views: 92 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

The EST of WWE defends her SmackDown Women’s Championship against the self-proclaimed “Most Beautiful Woman in all of WWE.”

Originally, Belair was scheduled to square off against her bitter adversary Bayley in an “I Quit” Match at WWE Money in the Bank.

However, after The Role Model suffered an injury while training for the matchup that will leave her out of action for approximately nine months, WWE Official Sonya Deville named the self-professed “Most Beautiful Woman in All of WWE” as the replacement challenger.

The bell rings as Bianca Belair with a slap but gets one back from Carmella. Carmella rolls out of the ring as Belair follows up. Both are back to the middle of the ring.

Carmella runs the assault, Carmella with Double knee into the cornor and then drives Belair's shoulder into the ring post. Carmella takes Belair out of the ring and plants her through the barricade as we go to the commercial break.

Back from the commercial break as Carmella is struggling, Belair slams Carmella into the mate. Belair with a back ring Splash for near fall, Belair moves up to the top and drags Carmella as well.

This time Carmella gets the lead and gets her down for near fall. Carmella with a Guillotine choke, but this time Belair turned it into a Vertical Suplex.

Carmella kicks Bianca in the head while holding the hair. Bianca whips Carmella with her hair and hits the KOD for the three counts.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall

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