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WWE Raw: Winner Of Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik Mysterio In A Steel Cage Match 9/14

WWE Raw: Winner Of Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik Mysterio In A Steel Cage Match 9/14

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Dominik Mysterio has another defeat behind his name against The Monday Night Messiah. This time they did in a Steel Cage match. But yet, there we favor from both sides. At the endpoint Seth Rollins performed two non-stop Stomp to win the match.

Take a look at the full match recap:

Seth Rollins made his appearance as for the first in the cage. MVP joined Commentary announce table. The Mysterio family were backstage, they will ringside for Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik Mysterio entered the arena accompanied by his family. Dominik went straight in the cage. The bell rang as Seth Rollins with a kick to the body and dashed Dominik down. Dominik also with a drop and then went climbing on the cage. Seth Rollins out to stop him climbing. Dominik Mysterio instead with DDT to Seth Rollins and once again marched upward.

Suddenly, Murphy ringside handing a Kendo Stick to Seth Rollins. We see Seth Rollins taking Dominik down on the canvas with Kendo stick shots. Back from the commercial break as Seth Rollins continued to run rough on Dominik.

Rey Mysterio did a favor for his son handing him a Kendo Sticks. Dominik unloaded some ruthless shots on Seth Rollins. Dominik planted Seth Rollins in the corners and then performed a Powerbomb for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Dominik marched his way to the up, Seth Rollins also joined there. Seth Rollins let Dominik crashed in the ring rope. Dominik also did the same. Now, Dominik headed towards the door as Rey Mysterio opened it for him. Murphy out there to take him away with some shots. Murphy smacked the door which hit Seth Rollins' leg who was trying to come out. Dominik once again up to the top, Murphy tried to block, but Dominik dumped on the floor.

Dominik Mysterio then with a Frog Splash to Seth Rollins for the cover but kicked out at two. Dominik once again marched upward. Seth Rollins somehow survived to perform a Suplex on Dominik. Seth Rollins once again with another Suplex. Dominik got to have Kendo stick shot and then went up to the top, Seth Rollins from behind to take him down. Dominik Mysterio was almost out, but at the same time Seth Rollins stopped.

They both were in the ring once again, Seth Rollins with back to back two Stomp for the cover to win the match.

Also need to notice that Seth Rollins went violent against Murphy after winning the match.

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