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WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Vs. Sheamus Full Match Recap, Winner

WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Vs. Sheamus Full Match Recap, Winner

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WWE cut off a video package from last week's episode which features Bobby Lashley challenging The Miz for the WWE Title match. The end of the video package went off the air with Bobby Lashley defeating Braun Strowman.

The former WWE Champion out first, he had some words regarding the loss of WWE Title and then believed to run it back at WrestleMania. He was interrupted by The Miz & Morrison.

Meanwhile, MVP reached and declared that Lashley Vs. The Miz match will take place at 9 PM EST.

Before they could say something else, they were followed up by Sheamus who was expected to fight Drew McIntyre up next...Drew McIntyre didn't wait a long as he attacked Sheamus outside of the ring. Drew McIntyre with a Claymore to Sheamus over the barricade.

Back from the commercial break as the match started...

The bell rang as Drew McIntyre went right after Sheamus with a sneak attack, Sheamus was able to get back in the shape by beating Drew McIntyre. Sheamus with devastating shots as Drew McIntyre stood on the apron. Sheamus backed down and then turned out to have a Brauge kick as Drew went off the air.

Back from the commercial break, Sheamus was seen unloading elbows to Drew McIntyre, McIntyre fought back from the attack, but this time Sheamus with a Back Breaker to take him down for the cover, 1..2...kicked out.

The match continued after another commercial break...

Sheamus was just manhandling Drew McIntyre. A clothesline for Drew as he got back into the match. Drew McIntyre performed multiple clotheslines and then dropped him over the top rope...Drew First launched him into the turnbuckle and then sent him into the edge of announce desk.

It was enough for Drew McIntyre as he went on to launch Sheamus through the announce desk...Both were able to get back into the ring before count-out. It was so close when Drew McIntyre had Superplex for the cover but kicked out at two and half.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre got involved in an intense physical battle, Drew with a massive Spinebuster for the cover, but kicked out at two. Both men were hell out...A future shock DDT from Drew McIntyre, Cover made but kicked out at two and a half.

Drew McIntyre prepared for the Claymore, but Sheamus rolled out of the ring and landed a vicious right hand to Drew McIntyre who tried to get him back into the ring. Sheamus and Drew fought off the top of the apron, but time Drew turned it into a top rope White Noise.

Sheamus still kicked out at two and a Half...Sheamus fired back with a slam and then seemed to have Brogue kick to finish the match...but he instead got a Claymore kick to finish off the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre, via pinfall

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