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WWE Raw 7/5: AJ Styles Vs. Riddle Full Match & Winner

WWE Raw 7/5: AJ Styles Vs. Riddle Full Match & Winner

Views: 174 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

Here is the full match between AJ Styles and Riddle that took place on July 5th edition of Monday Night Raw.

Styles accompanied by Omos is out first to the ring, back from the commercial break as Riddle marches his way to the ring. Looks like Riddle is hurt with right ankle, apparently an advantage for Styles.

The bell rings as Styles looks to have a high approach with the right ankle, but Riddle jumps through. No high-level offense for the time being.

Styles continues to target the ankle, Styles loves the fact that Riddle is feeling serious numbers in the pain. Meanwhile, Riddle throws Styles over the top rope and runs a Knee when Styles tries to climb up.

Styles once again attacked the Ankele to avoid harm, Styles back to ring as Riddle stands on his left leg and follows up a Front kick with that left. Riddle sets for a crane kick and AJ laughs at him and wants to know if he is the Karate Kid. Riddle hits the kick and punches AJ and connects with forearms.

Riddle with a Gutwrench suplex. AJ hits Riddle in the foot to avoid offense, AJ with a series of strikes into the cornor, but Riddle with a snap mare and kick to AJ. Meanwhile, Omos hits Riddle from behind in the leg and Riddle goes down.

The referee didn't see that coming out, back from the commercial break as Styles is taking full advantage. Styles with an Anklelock, looking to submit Submission, but a beautiful roll-out by Riddle.

Riddle rocks Styles with a big knee and comes up with a Bro Swanton for the near fall. A beautiful chop from Riddle to block Styles to come out with a Phenomenal Foreman from the ropes. Riddle at least got his one leg alright, He looks to end the match with a Floating Bro from the top, but Styles slides out and allowed himself to have his own moves.

Styles tries to have Styles clash, but out of nowhere, The Viking Raiders appear from behind the barricade and they cause a distraction for Styles only to be pinned by Riddle from behind.

Winner: Riddle via pinfall




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