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WWE Raw 5/10/21: Asuka Vs. Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley Full Match Recap & Winner

WWE Raw 5/10/21: Asuka Vs. Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley Full Match Recap & Winner

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Tampa, May 10, 2021: Asuka versus Rhea Ripley was announced to happen in a Non-Title Match Because Sonya has No Spine When It Comes to Charlotte Flair Match. We go to the ring as Asuka walks out first.

Back from the commercial break...Charlotte Flair was still to be out, the commentators hyped Rhea Ripley Vs. Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka. The music hit as Raw Women's Champion heads to the ring.

The referee holds them back up prior to the match. The bell rang as Rhea Ripley drives Asuka into the corner. Rhea Ripley continues to mock Asuka, Rhea Ripley with a slap and mocks Asuka.

Asuka was giving her best efforts into the match, a beautiful Takedown for Asuka and quickly turns it into an Amrbar, Rhea Ripley out of the ring. Asuka plants a Hip Attack on the apron, but Rhea Ripley again out of the way.

Meanwhile, we felt Charlotte Flair coming out with an interruption, Rhea Ripley climbs up on the apron while digging her eyes on Flair. Asuka takes advantage as she takes Rhea Ripley off the apron with an elbow.

Charlotte Flair makes it believe that she is here to watch the match only. Back from the commercial break...Rhea Ripley locks in Asuka, Rhea Ripley with a splash into the corner and then drives the shoulders to the ribs.

Rhea Ripley runs the boot to the back of Asuka as she screams out of the pain. Rhea Ripley continues to run ruthless shots, both get out of the ring. Asuka with a Sliding knee to Rhea Ripley and sends her back inside the ring or the cover, outkicked out at two.

Rhea Ripley once again advanced, A massive Suplex landed for Ripley, covered made, but kicked out at two. Meanwhile, Asuka with a Jaw Breaker and then goes for a Cover, but kicks out.

Rhea Ripley gets out, she confronts Charlotte Flair, Asuka out of nowhere with a Hip attack from the top of the announce desk. Asuka throws Ripley back inside the ring and follows up a Dropkick from the top, but Ripley still kicked out at two and a half.

It was for a short while, Rhea Ripley performed a Riptide For the cover to win the match.

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