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WWE Payback 2020: Rey Mysterio & Dominik Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy Match Winner

WWE Payback 2020: Rey Mysterio & Dominik Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy Match Winner

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Seth Rollins & Murphy followed up the entrance as for the first. Rey Mysterio & Dominik were next up. The Bell rang as Dominik took out Seth Rollins quickly. Seth Rollins looked frustrated as he sent Murphy into the ring to confront Dominik.

Murphy followed up the tag with Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins fought off the ring. Seth Rollins with Buster and then sent him flying out of the ring. Seth Rollins with a Tag as Murphy took Rey Back into the ring. They rip off Rey Mysterio going through back to back changes. Rey out with a DDT and then followed up a quick tag. Dominik on the top rope for Jump, but Murphy and Seth Rollins caught him in the air leaving Seth Rollins to have Falcon Arrow.

Dominik desperately looked for a tag to Rey Mysterio. Seth Rollins sent Dominik out of the ring where he met by Murphy, Dominik with a move sending Murphy into the barricade as the official was busy checking out Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins on the apron for the jump, Dominik ducked as Seth Rollins sent himself into the barricade. Dominik back into the ring creeping out to make the tag, Seth Rollins from behind retraining him for the tag. Dominik pushed Seth Rollins with his legs and then connected the tag. Seth Rollins also ducked a 619.

Rey Mysterio got a lot of punishment into the ring as Seth Rollins went back and forth with him. Seth Rollins with a big Powerbomb for the cover, but Dominik broke it. The match took a turn when Seth Rollins was finally ready to pick up the victory as he caught Rey with a exchange of tags. Murphy on the apron out with Superkick, but this mistakenly connected to Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio and Dominik took the advantage of scrap. Rey Mysterio followed up sliding dash-down on Seth Rollins and meanwhile, Dominik with a 619 followed by a Frog Splash to win the match.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Dominik, victory followed by pinfall




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