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WWE Payback 2020 Results August 30, 2020: Coverage, Recap, Full Results, Winners, Highlights

WWE Payback 2020 Results August 30, 2020: Coverage, Recap, Full Results, Winners, Highlights

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The second big event of this month will be creating an additional boost for WWE. with the 2017 event being the final event until it was brought back in 2020. The 2020 event will be the sixth event in the Payback chronology and feature wrestlers from the Raw and SmackDown brands.

On Aug. 14, 2020, WWE announced that Payback takes place one week after SummerSlam, on August 30. The shows now highlight a new fan viewing experience called "ThunderDome", which uses drones, lasers, pyro, smoke, and projections. Roughly one thousand LED boards were installed in the Amway Center to allow fans to virtually serve the events and be seen on the rows and rows of LED boards. Arena audio is also mixed with that of the virtual fans so that chants from the fans can be heard.

The main event follows a No Holds Barred Match for Universal Title match between Roman Reigns Vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt Vs. "The Monster Among Man" Braun Strowman. Sasha Banks & Bayley(c) Vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler [Women's Tag-Team Championship Match], Apollo Crews(c) Vs. Bobby Lashley [US Championship Match], Keith Lee Vs. Randy Orton[Singles Match], Rey Mysterio & Dominik Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy[Tag-Team Match], Matt Riddle Vs. King Baron Corbin[Singles Match], Big E Vs. Sheamus [Singles Match]. The Riott Squad will collide against The IIconics in Payback 2020 kickoff show.

WWE Payback kickoff show starts

Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Charly, JBL, and Peter Rosenberg joined the kickoff panel. JBL states, "Paul Heyman possibly is the worst human being that's ever walked on this Earth. He's a liar. He's a cheat everything about him is a bad guy except for the fact. He could be the greatest manager to ever walk in this business."

"He is that good Roman Reigns wants to go down as one of the greatest of all time. You want to go down as the greatest. it's of this generation and reach that that piping on of going out to the Mount Rushmore of wrestling bringing Paul Heyman."

The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics--Tag-Team Match

We were joined by Samoa Joe, Tom on the commentary box. The show kicks off with The Riott Squad walking down into the ring. They were followed by The IIconics. The Bell rang as Ruby Riott and Billie Kay kicked off the show. The IIconics with the exchange of Tags took some rough shots on Ruby Riott. They meanwhile, kept engaging in a trash-talking with Liv Morgan.

Big Right hand by Ruby Riott, she looked for the tag, but Billie Kay from behind talking her down. Thus, Liv Morgan was unable to tag. Liv Morgan was inflicted. Ruby Riott headed her hand for the tag, at once Liv Morgan retreated, but soon connected the tag making her way to the ring. Liv Morgan fired up taking out The IIconics.

Billie Kay with a move to Ruby Riott and went for the cover, but Liv Morgan out of nowhere breaking the tag. They both rough on The IIconics, Finally, Ruby Riott double knee to Peyton Royce swiping her out of the ring. Meanwhile, Ruby Riott with her move for the cover to win the match.

Winners: The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott), Victory followed by pinfall

WWE Payback results start here!!! Apollo Crews(c) Vs. Bobby Lashley [US Championship Match]

We kicked the things off with the intensity of Bobby Lashley who walked down into the ring accompanied by MVP and Benjamin. Bobby Lashley was followed up by United States Champion Apollo Crews as The Hurt Business waited for him ringside. The Bell as the match went under the way. Bobby Lashley pushed him back into the corner. Bobby Lashley continued to drop Apollo Crews.

Bobby Lashley crashing Apollo Crews into the ring. This time Apollo Crews was able to beat Bobby Lashley down. Apollo Crews with Moonslaut and then he was faced by MVP and Benjamin. They looked to take on Apollo Crews as the referee was having the counts. Bobby Lashley joined the beating as they got back into the ring.

Bobby Lashley took complete control driving him in and out. Bobby Lashley with a big Slam and then a Shoulder right into the midsection. Bobby Lashley looked for another Big Slam, but this time Apollo Crews ducked and then a kick to the back of the neck. Bobby Lashley once again took on Apollo Crews. Bobby Lashley with his move for the cover, but kicked out at one. MVP instructed Bobby Lashley to cover him once again, but once again kicked out.

Apollo Crews with a kick to Bobby Lashley and then went up to the top of the rope for the Frog splash for the cover but kicked out at two. This time Bobby Lashey caught him in the back to back German Suplex, but Apollo Crews once again with Frog Splash for the cover, Apollo Crews kicked out at two. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley with Full Nelson to let Apollo Crews tap out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley and the new United States Champion, Victory followed by Submission.

We were backstage with Kalya who was joined by Paul Heyman, to note that Roman Reigns has still not signed the contract. Paul Heyman did not respond it.

Big E Vs. Sheamus [Singles Match]

Out into the ring with Sheamus waking down for the match against Big E. Sheamus was followed by Big E, The Bell rang as Sheamus pushing him into the corner. Sheamus with waist lock to Big E, Big E was able to escape it. Sheamus once again was able to roll Big E out. Big E with Frog Splash to counter the Shoulder Block from Sheamus.

Sheamus took Big E out of the ring. Sheamus stood on the apron, Big E out with Spin first as he went on the apron. They were back into the ring. Big E was in serious pain as Sheamus went on to brutalize Big E's Leg. Big E with some shots to Sheamus's Body, but could not get the back up in the match.

Sheamus meanwhile continued to damage Big E's Leg with Ankle Lock. Sheamus with Splash on Big E to cover, but kicked out. Ankle lock from Sheamus forcing him to tap out, Big E was able to retreat from it, But Sheamus with Big Boot and went up to the top of the rope for the jump. Sheamus was caught by Big E landing Suplex.

Belly-to-Belly to Sheamus, he went for another move, but this time Sheamus very well excaudate a big Splash for the cover, but kicked out. Sheamus with a punch got one back from Big E. They went with the exchange. Sheamus had Anklelock to let Big E tap out. Big E was able to touch the bottom rope. Big E took Sheamus off the apron and then took him back into the ring for the move, Sheamus out with Submission move and then a Brogue Kick for the cover, Big E with kicked out with shocking two counts. Sheamus prepared for another move, but this time Big E with Big Splash and then Big Ending move to win the match.

Winner: Big E, Victory followed by pinfall

Matt Riddle Vs. Baron King Corbin

King Baron Corbin kicked off the match coming up as for the first. He was followed by Matt Riddle. King Corbin with a sudden attack as Matt Riddle entered into the ring. The Bell rang as Matt Riddle took ruthless shots on Matt Riddle, Baron Corbin took him out of the ring. Baron planting Matt Riddle's head to the commentary box. They both were back into the ring.

Matt Riddle with Slipper locked in. Baron was able to make the separation. Matt Riddle suddenly with a Submission move, Baron was able to make the separation. Baron Corbin with a left shoulder to take him down. Matt Riddle fighting back up, but nothing could run before Baron Corbin, Matt Riddle was trying to be free out of his jaw. Baron Corbin with a splash for the cover, but kicked out at one. Baron with trash-talking to the comminutors, meanwhile, Matt Riddle with a kick to the chest and then went to led a big move, but Baron Corbin instead with Big Shoulder.

Matt Riddle appeared with a big kick driving Baron Corbin out of the ring. They were into the ring as Matt Riddle once again with a kick and then a Running Knee for the cover, hooked the leg, Baron Kicked out at two. Matt Riddle got two back to back leg kicks to the chest. Baron was bubbled over. Baron took Matt Riddle on the top rope, Matt Riddle got Frog Splash, Baron Corbin connected with Deep-6 for the cover, but Matt Riddle kicked out at two.

Matt Riddle had Triangle, Baron was able to retreat from it. Matt Riddle a splash and then up to the top rope connected the Floating Bro-to win the match.

Winner: Matt Riddle, victory followe by pinfall

Sasha Banks & Bayley(c) Vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler [Women's Tag-Team Championship Match]

Shayna and Banks kicked the things off, Shay got Dropkick from Sasha Banks. Baszler with big intensity driving Banks into the canvas. Banks got the tag with Bayley. As Bayley got her from the waist. Banks took Nia Jax down who stood on the apron. Banks with the tag holding Baszler's shoulder. Banks with three back to back big splash changing the tag to Bayley. Banks and Nia Jax got into a feud as Nia Jax drove Banks into the barricade beating her black and blue.

Nia Jax followed up the tag, She ran rough on Bayley, Sasha Banks brought the distraction for Nia attacking her from behind as the referee did not see it coming. Nia and Bayley fought off. Nia Jax got Bayley up on her shoulders, Banks out of nowhere breaking the move, Jax went onto change the tag, Baszler with back to back Running Knee on Bayley and Sasha Banks. Baszler with a move and then followed up the tag. Nia Jax with Double Splash. Banks somehow made the tag to Bayley who with a big knee immediately changing the tag allowing Banks to have Frog Splash for the cover, but Nia Jax kicked out at two.

Shayna Baszler caught Bayley into Kirifuda Clutch, Sasha Banks tried to bring her hands-on Baszler, but this time Baszler used Banks' hand to have Kirifuda Clutch letting Bayley tap out.

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler and the new Women's Tag-Team Champions, victory followed by pinfall

Keith Lee Vs. Randy Orton [Singles Match]

Keith Lee was not taking his eyes off Randy Orton as they both prepared for the fight. The Bell Rang as Randy Orton took Keith under his arm. Randy Orton in the try to take Keith Lee down with Shoulder attack, but could not dash him down. Keith Lee with Frog Splash counting another Shoulder attack, Keith Lee emerged out with a big Splash to The Viper apparently taking him out of the ring.

Randy Orton back into the ring with trash-talking enraging Keith Lee. Randy Orton unloaded some chop to Keith Lee but did not affect him much. Randy Orton drove Keith Lee into the turnbuckle and then sent him into the commentary box. They both were into the ring. Keith Lee exploded a Arm Dash sending Randy Orton out of the ring. Keith Lee followed him back, Once again Keith Lee with a splash on the commentary box.

Keith Lee sent Randy Orton back into the ring, He stood at the top of the ring apron. Randy Orton suddenly out with DDT and then prepared for RKO, but suddenly, Keith Lee with a big Powerbomb for the cover to win the match.

Winner: Keith Lee, Victory followed by pinfall

Rey Mysterio & Dominik Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy [Tag-Team Match]

Seth Rollins & Murphy followed up the entrance as for the first. Rey Mysterio & Dominik were next up. The Bell rang as Dominik took out Seth Rollins quickly. Seth Rollins looked frustrated as he sent Murphy into the ring to confront Dominik.

Murphy followed up the tag with Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins fought off the ring. Seth Rollins with Buster and then sent him flying out of the ring. Seth Rollins with a Tag as Murphy took Rey Back into the ring. They rip off Rey Mysterio going through back to back changes. Rey out with a DDT and then followed up a quick tag. Dominik on the top rope for Jump, but Murphy and Seth Rollins caught him in the air leaving Seth Rollins to have Falcon Arrow.

Dominik desperately looked for a tag to Rey Mysterio. Seth Rollins sent Dominik out of the ring where he met by Murphy, Dominik with a move sending Murphy into the barricade as the official was busy checking out Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins on the apron for the jump, Dominik ducked as Seth Rollins sent himself into the barricade. Dominik back into the ring creeping out to make the tag, Seth Rollins from behind retraining him for the tag. Dominik pushed Seth Rollins with his legs and then connected the tag. Seth Rollins also ducked a 619.

Rey Mysterio got a lot of punishment into the ring as Seth Rollins went back and forth with him. Seth Rollins with a big Powerbomb for the cover, but Dominik broke it. The match took a turn when Seth Rollins was finally ready to pick up the victory as he caught Rey with a exchange of tags. Murphy on the apron out with Superkick, but this mistakenly connected to Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio and Dominik took the advantage of scrap. Rey Mysterio followed up sliding dash-down on Seth Rollins and meanwhile, Dominik with a 619 followed by a Frog Splash to win the match.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Dominik, victory followed by pinfall

Roman Reigns Vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt Vs. "The Monster Among Man" Braun Strowman [No Holds Barred Match for Universal Title match]

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt made his way out into the ring, he entered the ring, "The Monster Among Man" Braun Strowman out of nowhere attacking Bray Wyatt. The Bell rang as Braun Strowman with Powerslam for the cover but kicked out. The Fiend drove Braun on to the announce table. The Fiend brought a huge hammer down from the ring. He headed towards Braun out to make the hit, but Braun Strowman instead bit a splash on steel Steps, The Fiend tried to survive by almost driving him up to the barricade. The Fiend with a huge hammer taking Braun down.

No, Roman Reigns right now, The Fiend continued to land destruction, The Fiend with cracker and then used steel steps to ambush Braun Strowman with it. The Fiend and Braun took the brawl on the top of the entrance. They both were down as Braun launched The Fiend into the L.E.D board. The Fiend looked for Sister Abigal, Braun Strowman was able to retreat and drove The Fiend off the stage. Braun Strowman got The Fiend back into the ring. Braun up to the top rope, The Fiend was able to counter the attack, two monsters fought off the top rope, The Fiend launched Superflex crashing the ring. The music hit as Roman Reigns made his way with Paul holding the contract in his hands, Roman Reigns signed the contract.

Roman Reigns covered The Fiend, but the referee was not there, immediately, a new referee followed for the counts, but kicked out at two. Roman once again covered, but The Fiend kicked out this time too. Roman Reigns went for Braun, but he too kicked out. Roman planted chair shots and went for cover, Braun Strowman kicked out. Roman Reigns looked to have chair shots on The Fiend, but instead got Mandible Claw, Roman Reigns retreated with a low blow.

Roman Reigns finally with a massive Spear for the cover to win the match.

Winner: Roman Reigns, and the new Universal Champion, Victory followed by pinfall




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