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WWE Payback 2020: Big E Vs. Sheamus Match Winner

WWE Payback 2020: Big E Vs. Sheamus Match Winner

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Out into the ring with Sheamus waking down for the match against Big E. Sheamus was followed by Big E, The Bell rang as Sheamus pushing him into the corner. Sheamus with waist lock to Big E, Big E was able to escape it. Sheamus once again was able to roll Big E out. Big E with Frog Splash to counter the Shoulder Block from Sheamus.

Sheamus took Big E out of the ring. Sheamus stood on the apron, Big E out with Spin first as he went on the apron. They were back into the ring. Big E was in serious pain as Sheamus went on to brutalize Big E's Leg. Big E with some shots to Sheamus's Body, but could not get the back up in the match.

Sheamus meanwhile continued to damage Big E's Leg with Ankle Lock. Sheamus with Splash on Big E to cover, but kicked out. Ankle lock from Sheamus forcing him to tap out, Big E was able to retreat from it, But Sheamus with Big Boot and went up to the top of the rope for the jump. Sheamus was caught by Big E landing Suplex.

Belly-to-Belly to Sheamus, he went for another move, but this time Sheamus very well excaudate a big Splash for the cover, but kicked out. Sheamus with a punch got one back from Big E. They went with the exchange. Sheamus had Anklelock to let Big E tap out. Big E was able to touch the bottom rope. Big E took Sheamus off the apron and then took him back into the ring for the move, Sheamus out with Submission move and then a Brogue Kick for the cover, Big E with kicked out with shocking two counts. Sheamus prepared for another move, but this time Big E with Big Splash and then Big Ending move to win the match.

Winner: Big E, Victory followed by pinfall#




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