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WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 2: Kyle O'Reilly Vs. Adam Cole Full Match, Winner

WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 2: Kyle O'Reilly Vs. Adam Cole Full Match, Winner

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Night 2 of WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver just got bigger with the addition of an Unsanctioned Match that features Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

Kyle O'Reilly out first followed by his opponent Adam Cole. The bell rang as Kyle O'Reilly pushed Cole back up. Adam COle with a Punt kick and followed up another, but this time Kyle O'Reilly ducked as Adam Cole tossed himself over the ring rope. THey both fought outside brutally...There was nothing pretty about this match.

Kyle O'Reilly with a steel chair...he set up Adam Cole on it and went for kicks across the chest. Kyle O'Reilly sent Adam Cole back inside the ring. Kyle O'Reilly locked in, but Adam Cole with Neck snapping to take Kyle O'Reilly off the top rope. Now, Adam Cole brought up a steel chair and then measure Kyle O'Reilly to plant it on. Adam Cole with chair shots.

Adam Cole got him back inside the ring, driving the steel chair into the ribs of Kyle O'Reilly. Adam Cole with Neckbreaker right into the steel chair. Kyle O'Reilly was showing up some light, Adam Cole continued to focus on, he immediately turned it into a Backbreaker for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Kyle O'Reilly was able to charge some blows to Adam Cole. Adam Cole with a chair in his hand, Kyle O'Reilly punched the table in order to save himself, Kyle O'Reilly with a cover, but Adam Cole kicked out at two. Kyle O'Reilly went down to bring a steel chain...Adam Cole attacked Kyle O'Reilly as he tried to get back inside the ring.

Adam Cole with Figure Eight Leglock using the chair as well, Kyle O'Reilly somehow survived. Adam Cole used the chain to perform a backstabber for the cover, but Kyle O'Reilly still kicked out at two and a half. Adam Cole was limping over Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole with a Shining wizard into the steel chair, the cover was made...1,2..kicked out.

Adam Cole out of depression went outside of the ring and made the set-up of the steel steps, he as well as brought Kyle O'Reilly outside. Adam Cole just went to launch Kyle O'Reilly into the steel steps, but Kyle O'Reilly instead appeared with a Guillotine choke, Adam Cole started fainting, Kyle O'Reilly with a knee to take him down. They both took the fight over the announce desk.

Kyle O'Reilly did perform a massive Suplex as Adam Cole bounced hard on the table. Kyle O'Reilly chased Adam Cole, This time out of nowhere, Adam Cole hit a monitor to take Kyle O'Reilly down, this was absolutely a brutal disaster. NXT universe started chatting, "Fight for Forever".

Adam Cole emerged with a Low blow and then a Superkick for the cover, Kyle O'Reilly again shocked the NXT Universe by kicking out at two and a half. Adam Cole set up the chairs across Kyle O'Reilly's neck, the referee tried to block him from doing so, but Adam Cole instead hit him hard as he went down. Adam Cole looked for the examination point. He went high above ring rope performing a DDT for the cover, the crowd started counting as the referee was down distracted.

Eventually, Kyle O'Reilly launched Adam Cole through the steel ramp, Adam Cole dragged somehow out of the pit. Adam Cole also pulled out Kyle O'Reilly, nothing left to see at this point, They both were back inside the ring, apparently unable to stand up. Kyle O'Reilly once again rolled out of the ring, Adam Cole chased and crashed Kyle O'Reilly into the steel steps.

Adam Cole with a cover, but Kyle O'Reilly still kicked out at two and a half...This time Kyle O'Reilly with the submission move, Adam Cole broke the submission by landing a chain-wrapped fist. O'Reilly was selling on a top notch level tonight, both could not even stand up, O'Reilly went high above the turnbuckle, but Adam Cole took him off with a steel chair shot.

Adam Cole some trash-talking, O'Reilly responded with a low blow as Adam Cole went down...O'Reilly landed the final blow with the chain wrapped around his leg. O'Reilly finally got the victory.

Winner: O'Reilly, via pinfall




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