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WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Results: Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Full Match & Winner

WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Results: Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Full Match & Winner

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WWE Money in the Bank (2022) takes place on Saturday, July 2, 2022, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada; it was originally scheduled to be held at the city's Allegiant Stadium.

The annual event is highlighted by the men's and women's Money in the Bank ladder matches with significant stakes for the winners. Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match features Seth "Freakin" Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Omos, Sami Zayn, Riddle, and Madcap Moss.

WWE Money in the Bank 2022: Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Full Match & Winner

Before the match, Adam Pearce comes out to say how amazing tonight has been. Adam says that he is adding to the match. He says he raises one more . . . Theory.

Omos with a choke slam to Riddle early in the match and now Omos goes after Drew and slams Drew. Omos goes to the floor and is about to go under the ring but he stops Rollins and Theory from hitting him with a ladder. Riddle and Moss miss the baseball slide and Omos hits them with a ladder.

Omos tosses a ladder into the ring and enters the ring. Zayn hides behind the ring post and Sheamus walks into the ring and punches Omos. Omos sends Sheamus to the mat and connects with an elbow. Omos kicks Rollins and Theory off the apron. Riddle with the guillotine on Omos.

Drew with Claymore to take Omos out of the ring. Drew sets up the ladder in the ring and he climbs up and reaches the top but Sheamus pulls him off and Sheamus sends Drew to the floor. Theory climbs up the ladder and Drew and Sheamus put their issues aside to rule out Theory's chances of winning. Sheamus with a punch and Drew with a chop.

--Rollins throws a ladder at Drew and Sheamus. Riddle punches to Rollins but Rollins with an eye rake and he sends Riddle into the ladder.

--Rollins sets up for a Pedigree on the ladder but Riddle counters with a backdrop on the ladder. Riddle with a back senton. Zayn is in the ring and he climbs up the ladder and Moss pulls Zayn over. Kai with shoulders in the corner and Zayn sends Moss into the ladder.

--Moss puts up the ladder and he starts climbing it. Riddle climbs up and Omos is back in the ring and he drags Moss off the ladder and cuts him off. Theory goes up and he is caught with a choke slam by Omos and Omos. Omos starts climbing the ladder. Sheamus hit Omos several times with a ladder. Riddle also hit Omos with a ladder. Omos is knocked out and the wrestlers place a ladder on top of Omos.

Rollins gets in the ring and he marches to the top of the ladder. Zayn goes upstairs and stops Rollins. Zayn with forearms to Rollins and Sheamus punches Zayn. Theory also climbs the ladder. Sheamus pushes Sami and Seth off their ladder. Moss climbs up the ladder and Moss decides to hit Zayn with a ladder at the turnbuckle. Zayn jumps over Moss and climbs the ladder.

Sheamus puts the ladder in the corner and Riddle hits him from behind. Riddle with the Irish Curse of Sheamus. Sheamus sends Riddle down the ladder and punches Riddle against the ladder.

Riddle with a waist lock and a knee to Drew. Riddle with a Pele kick to Moss. Riddle Power slams Rollins. Theory tries to send Riddle into the ladder and Riddle climbs the ladder and hits a floating bro on everyone in the ring. Omos sends Drew over the top rope to the floor. Theory climbs the ladder and Omos grabs Theory and hits a vertical choke slam.

Zayn with a Helluva kick to Omos and then Riddle with a triangle into the ropes. Theory sends Omos over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a stomp to the Omos on the apron. Everyone is out now...Everyone picks up Omos and they detonate him on the table. Moss is sent to the ringside barrier and so is Sheamus. Zayn climbs up the ladder and Drew pulls Sami off the ladder.

Drew sends Sami up the ladder and the ladder collapses. Sheamus hits Drew in the head with a ladder. Sheamus steps up on the turnbuckles. Sheamus tries to whip the Irish. Drew places the ladder over Sheamus and he starts climbing. Drew has the briefcase but Butch comes out and stops Drew. Butch climbs over Drew and puts on a sleeper. Drew goes down the ladder and Sheamus escapes from the ladder. Sheamus with a jumping knee to Drew.

Rollins and Riddle both climbed different ladders. Riddle ended up hitting an RKO to Rollins off the ladders. Riddle climbed the ladder but Theory stopped him from getting the briefcase. Theory knocked Riddle off the ladder and won the briefcase.

WWE Money in the Bank 2022: Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winner

Winner: Theory

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