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WWE Monday Night Raw Results September 14, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

WWE Monday Night Raw Results September 14, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

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Coming up for tonight's Monday Night Raw, It will be the Raw Women's Championship Match between the Champion Asuka and Mickie James. Plush, The Street Profits Vs. Nakamura & Cesaro[Champions Vs. Champions Match]

Drew McIntyre will square off against Keith Lee in a Singles action. Plush a huge Steel Cage match between Dominik Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins.


We kicked the thigs off with The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre walking down to the ring. Drew McIntyre cut the promo from last week's Monday Night Raw. He took the mic and challenged Randy Orton for an AMBULANCE MATCH for the WWE title at Clash of Champions.

Drew kicked off saying, "I can say to myself a little lucky, but it's only a fractured jaw. Randy Orton should also consider himself. lucky is head still attached to his body after the three Claymores I gave him last week. Everyone's been asking me for Medical Update through what's going on, so I'm going to tell you I'm gonna dress at once. That's the last I'm going to talk about it."

WWE medical personnel told me to take some time off. It's a non-displaced fracture. But if I did that I'd have to Forfeit my WWE Championship. So I told them no one batch strike to the job could displace that fracture. Then my mouth or need wired shut and that's just fine because I would rather leave the Thunderdome every single week in an ambulance that ever give up my Championship."

Hey, Randy. maybe you could ask the nurse there to turn up the volume so you can hear this part Do it both taking rides and ambulances recently because of the WWE Championship. Well, it seems appropriate that the next thing we compete somebody takes a ride in an ambulance for the WWE championship. So what I'm proposing is a clash of Champions will be Drew McIntyre versus Randy Orton for the WWE championship in an ambulance match because clearly make the rules don't apply to us anymore. Lady wishful thinking come to think of it."

Randy might not actually make Clash of Champions because frankly, I kicked him in the head three times last week as hard as I possibly could with the claim or the most deadly weapon in all sports entertainment funny. Ashley creates that move by mistake in this very ring a few years ago. I was wearing some tight leather pants."

I ran to kick my opponent in the head and I realized the crotch was going to split in the pants and your I'm Scottish, and I don't know if you know this, but we're kind of allergic to wonder parents so that Christ splits as an international incident. So I decided to do was kick up my left leg. not my opponent out not myself silly and I realized if I can develop this maneuver. I've got something special in my hands."

I developed it in fact. I've actually got a picture right here of some of the victims of the claim are we got jokes on me? There's a smile right now. Look at them right there. Drew McIntyre showed up some Claymore General Hospital photos including Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Big Show, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and Dolph Ziggler.

Adam Pearce suddenly appeared on the top of the ramp. He said, "it's highly unlikely that Randy will be here tonight. And listen we can be saying the same thing come Clash of Champions my heart bleeds for him situation. Is this Randy Orton may not be able to face you in any kind of WWE championship match and that changes the gravity of tonight."

So now your match against Keith Lee becomes about so much more than bragging rights between old friends because if Keith Lee beats you tonight, And Randy can't make it a clash of Champions then Keith faces you for the WWE championship."

Meanwhile, Keith Lee confronted Randy Orton, they both shook and went off the ring.

Nakamura & Cesaro Vs. The Street Profits [Champions Vs. Champions Match]

Out next for Champions vs. Champion match between Nakamura & Cesaro Vs. The Street Profits for No-Title. The Street Profits kicked the things off coming as for the first. They were followed by The Raw Tag-Team Champions Cesaro and Nakamura. Cesaro attacked Angelo Dawkins before we could hear the bell. The bell rang as they officially commenced the match.

Cesaro performed some really praising uppercuts to the Street Profits. The one he landed was on Montez in the mid-air. Cesaro acquired another Uppercut in the ring post and took Montez up to the top, Angelo Dawkins was able to tag with Montez which they didn't know. However, Cesaro performed a Suplex to Montez, but he got a straight back Frog Flash to cover Cesaro to win the match.

Winners: The Street Profits, victory followed by pinfall

Ricochet Vs. Cedric Alexander [Singles Match]

Winner: Cedric Alexander, victory followed by pinfall


They said, "Consult of Lies dream and betrayal he wants trusted but now we walk with eyes why we see what you are worst scrapped by-product we can show our loyalty for XD the cast it aside like garbage. He'll become garbage when you sell your soul to a corrupt machine through become corrupt like you."

"There are tired of the performance center would feed us to fail at Guelph unlike you we refuse to suck up to eternal mercy, so why don't you enjoy your last days of Oblivion we prepare to show you exactly who we are. Well, we got your reality."

Asuka(c) Vs. Mickie James [Raw Women's Title Match]

Mikie James was backstage, she declared that this will be her very last chance to win gold. We saw out Asuka walking to the ring to defend her title. Mickie James was next up to head towards the ring. The bell rang as they both prepared for the match. Asuka now backing Mickie James to the ropes. Shoulders down for the cover, but Mickie James kicked out. Mickie James with her own roll, but kicked out.

A headlock from Asuka, Mickie James drop her into the ropes, but Asuka turned with a Shoulder dash. Mickie James dropped Asuka as she went up for another move. Mickie James took some shots but came prepared once again. Asuka with knee strick to the right of the Jaw for the cover, but kicked out at two. Mickie James back to her feet, Asuka looked to have Hip attack, but this time Mickie James was wise to duck this, Mickie James now with a Superkick to Asuka who came off the ring.

Back from the break, as Mickie James fired back in the match taking Asuka back to the ring rope. Mickie James with a drop and then planted some knee stricks, Asuka with Hip attack instead. Mickie James once again fired back with her move and then she followed the top of the rope, Asuka also joined her there, but Mickie James dropped her down, and then performed Frog Splash for the cover but kicked out at two.

Asuka suddenly, with a Spinning back elbow. More of Mickie James came as she also her submission move, and Superkicks. They both went back and forth. Shoulders were down Mickie James rolled up Asuka for the cover. Asuka with Armbar Submission move. The referee called to bring the bell as she could not continue the match. The referee said Mickie James tapped out. Thus, she retained the title.

Winner: Asuka retains the title.

We were backstage with Charly to introduce Keith Lee for the interview. Keith Lee stated, "I've known each other for a long time. We've been honest with the fact that may come a time when we have to fight each other just like if you recall I've been honest about not enjoying him interfering in my matches. I get it the goal was to be WWE Champion and it's a goal that drives all of us."

"Nothing said I know the true McIntyre will do whatever it takes to remain undefeated champion, and I myself to become WWE Champion. I'll do what I must. I don't want to take advantage of an injury. But to come here and become WWE Champion, as I said, do what I must."

Bobby Lashley Vs. Eric [No-Title Singles Match]

Bobby Lashley walked down to the ring accompanied by MVP of Hurt Business. MVP joined the commentary. Bobby Lashley was followed by Eric as for the singles match. it didn't take a long time for Bobby Lashley to perform the Full Nelson to let Eric tap out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, victory followed by Submission

Seth Rollins was in the locker room, he let Murphy be in the locker room. Murphy explained what happened last week. Seth Rollins once went easy on him, but later he slapped Murphy and ordered him to stay away from him.

Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik Mysterio [Steel Cage Match]

Seth Rollins made his appearance as for the first in the cage. MVP joined Commentary announce table. The Mysterio family were backstage, they will ringside for Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik Mysterio entered the arena accompanied by his family. Dominik went straight in the cage. The bell rang as Seth Rollins with a kick to the body and dashed Dominik down. Dominik also with a drop and then went climbing on the cage. Seth Rollins out to stop him climbing. Dominik Mysterio instead with DDT to Seth Rollins and once again marched upward.

Suddenly, Murphy ringside handing a Kendo Stick to Seth Rollins. We see Seth Rollins taking Dominik down on the canvas with Kendo stick shots. Back from the commercial break as Seth Rollins continued to run rough on Dominik.

Rey Mysterio did a favor for his son handing him a Kendo Sticks. Dominik unloaded some ruthless shots on Seth Rollins. Dominik planted Seth Rollins in the corners and then performed a Powerbomb for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Dominik marched his way to the up, Seth Rollins also joined there. Seth Rollins let Dominik crashed in the ring rope. Dominik also did the same. Now, Dominik headed towards the door as Rey Mysterio opened it for him. Murphy out there to take him away with some shots. Murphy smacked the door which hit Seth Rollins' leg who was trying to come out. Dominik once again up to the top, Murphy tried to block, but Dominik dumped on the floor.

Dominik Mysterio then with a Frog Splash to Seth Rollins for the cover but kicked out at two. Dominik once again marched upward. Seth Rollins somehow survived to perform a Suplex on Dominik. Seth Rollins once again with another Suplex. Dominik got to have Kendo stick shot and then went up to the top, Seth Rollins from behind to take him down. Dominik Mysterio was almost out, but at the same time Seth Rollins stopped.

They both were in the ring once again, Seth Rollins with back to back two Stomp for the cover to win the match.

Winner: Seth Rollins, victory followed by pinfall

We were back to Raw Underground with Dolph Ziggler taking on local talent, he was then faced by Riddick Moss, They both took an intense fight, but interrupted by Braun Strowman making his officially Raw Underground in-Ring debut. He uploaded a Powerslam to Riddick Moss and then one another to Dolph Ziggler in order to dominant Raw Underground.

We were backside with Charley taking Drew McIntyre in. They had some talk and were confronted by Keith Lee there. They both broke into a backstage fight. The Official came out to stop them from fighting.

Riddick Moss once again climbed over Braun Strowman. He was taken away back. Titus O'Neil went ground and pound on Braun Strowman. it all went for a short while as Braun Strowman dominated on Titus O'Neil.

Kevin Owens Vs Aleister Black

Kevin Owens walked down to the ring, he was attacked by Aleister Black from behind before we could hear the bell. The match was under the way after the commercial break. Black was taking some tremendous stricks on Kevin Owens. Black tried to hit Kevin Owens, but Kevin insisted sent him flying up to the top rope. Kevin Owens couldn't launch on Aleister Black as he tried to do.

They both were in the ring. Aleister Black with Legbar, Kevin Owens forced himself towards the bottom rope as he did it successfully, Kevin Owens out of nowhere with Superkick, Kevin Owens headed for another move, but he was barely able to stand. The lights blanked for a short which brought Kevin Owens in the advantage, Kevin Owens with Powerbomb for the cover to win the match.

Winner: Kevin Owens, victory followed by pinfall

The Riot Squad Vs. Natalya & Lana [Tag-Team Match]

Winners: The Riot Squad, victory followed by pinfall

After the match, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler attacked Natalya and Lana. Nia Jax had a Samoa Joe on Lana through the commentary box.

back to Raw Underground as Braun Strowman was taking everyone out. Dolph Ziggler and Riddick Moss teamed up against Braun Strowman. Dabba-Kato confronted him for the match, but Shane McMahon stopped them fixing their match later for next week.

Keith Lee Vs. Drew McIntyre

Back into the ring with Drew McIntyre walking down to the ring, he was followed by Keith Lee staring down Drew McIntyre. The bell rang as Keith Lee with Jaw-dropping shots and then ambushed him flying off the top rope.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Keith Lee continued after the match. Drew McIntyre with Spinebuster, covered the leg, but kicked out at two. Keith Lee with his arm around Keith Lee's neck trying to lift him for Suplex, but he could not do so. Keith lee instead with a shoulder block for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Drew McIntyre and Keith lee up to the top rope, Kieth Lee with Powerfull Superplex on the canvas for the cover, but kicked out at two. Keith Lee looked Spearbomb, but Drew McIntyre blocked it. Drew McIntyre instead with an ambush to take Keith Lee down.

Both were down as RETRIBUTION interrupted the match. They beat both of them black and blue. The Music hit as The Hurt Business marched towards the ring. They clashed with RETRIBUTION. Meanwhile, the fight, Drew McIntyre launched himself from the top of the ring rope. Monday Night Raw went off the air with a confrontation between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre.

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