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WWE MITB 2021 Results: Rhea Ripley Vs. Charlotte Flair Full & Winner

WWE MITB 2021 Results: Rhea Ripley Vs. Charlotte Flair Full & Winner

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WWE Money In The Bank 2021 features the Raw Women's Championship match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair will look to settle their unfinished business in a Raw Women’s Title rematch at WWE Money in the Bank. Both women have an intense staredown...The light goes, looks like we have a surprise, but nope...The lights are back. Flair with a Slipper hold, attempting an advantage.

Ripley runs knees onto the back of Flair. Ripley follows up a flip on the apron, but Flair sides up as Ripley crashes into the ground. Flair ducks her back to the ring and follows up a Suplex into the turnbuckle.

Charlotte Flair is all fired up, Flair with an elbow to break a Slipper hold, Ripley is able to duck Flair over the top rope. Both are back into the middle, Rhea Ripley with two Clotheslines and rocks Flair with a Headbutt.

Ripley's back kicks followed by a Suplex for a near fall. Charlotte Flair with Suplex, but Ripley is able to land on her feet and instead had her own Suplex. Ripley from the top follows up a Dropkick, but Flair turns it into a Figure Four leglock.

Ripley repositions and gets out of the Figure Four leglock, Ripley with an incredible power to muscle out Flair with a Vertical Suplex for near fall.

Ripley with multiple chops, but nothing effective as she variously ducks into the ring post. Flair is all above and performs a massive Moonsault. Ripley looks to have a Riptide, but Flair turns it into a DDT for near fall. Flair with a back elbow and gets the near-fall as Ripley is able to touch the bottom ropes.

Ripley is back to fire up, she pushes Flair up to the top of the turnbuckle, attempting to have Superplex, but Flair attacks on Ripley's knee as she goes down. Immediately Flair with a Natural Selection for near fall.

Ecos go high, Flair sends Ripley's Skull into the ring post and then clinches Ripley's left leg into the steel steps only to be crashed. Charlotte Flair gets her back to the middle and finally, gets Figure Eight Leg Lock to tap out Ripley.

Winnner: Charlotte Flair via pinfall

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