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WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 Results: Seth Rollins Vs. Cesaro Full Match & Winner

WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 Results: Seth Rollins Vs. Cesaro Full Match & Winner

Views: 247 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

We kick off the match with Cesaro coming down to the ring, Seth Rollins out of nowhere with a sneak attack to take him down, this time Cesaro is ready and fires back on Seth Rollins.

Both get back to the ring, Cesaro slams Seth Rollins through the canvas. Cesaro with a nasty Boot, takes Seth Rollins out of the ring.

Seth Rollins is able to drop out a DDT to slow down the pace of Cesaro, Rollins with a big right hand to cause the damage on Cesaro's left eye. Cesaro allows more sufferers on.

This time Cesaro picks Rollins up and drives him down with a Suplex, Cesaro tries to land another offense, but this time Rollins catches him with a bad knee ringside.

Seth Rollins with a side knee from the top rope for near fall. Cesaro fires back with back-to-back Uppercuts. Cesaro with a Clothesline for the counts, 1..2...kicks off out.

Cesaro is driving Uppercuts into the turnbuckle and delivers a massive Powerslam for near fall. Cesaro heads up to the top rope, Rollins joins. Cesaro battles out Seth Rollins.

Rollins with a knee off the apron to the temple. Rollins sets for a springboard move and hits the knee to the temple again and he gets a near fall.

Seth Rollins with the Armlock, Cesaro powers out, but Rollins with a Falcon Arrow followed by a kick to the back of the neck for near fall. Cesaro is down, while looks for a Stomp, but then misses.

Cesaro now works on Swing and locks Rollins in Sharpshooter, Rollins tries to get out, but Cesaro with multiple stomps on the hand of Rollins. Cesaro looks like he is stepping up once again with a Sharpshooter but then caught up in a Rollup for three counts to win the match.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall

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