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WWE Fastlane 2021 Result: Roman Reigns Vs. Daniel Bryan - WWE Universal Championship Full Match, Winner

WWE Fastlane 2021 Result: Roman Reigns Vs. Daniel Bryan - WWE Universal Championship Full Match, Winner

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Edge out first as the special guest enforcer, he was followed by the challenger Daniel Bryan. The music hit as The Head of the Table, The Universal Champion Roman Reigns accompanied by Paul Heyman headed to the ring. Edge stood ringside.

The official made the introduction for both. The bell rang as the match got underway. In a few Warm-ups, Roman Reigns attacked Daniel Bryan into the cornor. Daniel Bryan went for the Yes Lock, but Roman Reigns was able to get to the ring rope.

Daniel Bryan out with some distraction, looking to have Yes lock. Edge was intensely watching the match, Knuckle lock from Roman. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan with an Anklelock, but nothing slowed down Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan with a calf kick, Roman Reigns powered down Daniel Bryan with his arms around Daniel Bryan's neck. Daniel Bryan was able to slip out of the Headlock. Daniel Bryan out to agonize Roman Reigns by stretching his left hand. Roman Reigns with a kick to break the hold.

Roman Reigns with a straight right hand to Daniel Bryan, A Dropkick landed for Daniel Bryan. A couple of kicks from Daniel Bryan, but Roman Reigns was able to gain the energy. Roman Reigns with a Slam for the cover but kicked out at two.

Roman Reigns took complete control over Daniel Bryan. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns with trash-talking to Edge. Roman Reigns was still feeling the kicks from Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns stomped way Daniel Bryan and then delivered Chin lock.

Daniel Bryan back to his feet, attacking with elbows, Daniel Bryan created the separation, but Roman Reigns with a Right hand to take Daniel Bryan off the apron.

Roman Reigns may be stunned with some kicks from Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns once again got the control, Daniel Bryan had the opening with a couple of kicks, He climbed up to the top rope in order to take Roman Reigns off the ring. Roman Reigns instead turned it into a Submission move.

Daniel Bryan was able to break it up with a big Cloteline. Daniel Bryan was fired up, he collapsed a Running on Roman Reigns from the top of the apron. Daniel Bryan got Roman back inside the ring followed by a Knee from the top rope.

Daniel Bryan once again went all over the top rope, and then performed a massive Dropkick for the cover, but kicked out at two. Daniel Bryan with Yes kicks, Roman Reigns tried to stumble away. Roman Reign with a massive right hand to take the control of Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan with a Superkick and then performed Yes lock for...Roman Reigns tried to hang on, Daniel Bryan was so smart as he got Roman back into the mid-section with Yes lock.

A great reversal from Roman Reigns, planting shots with elbows. During the match, Daniel Bryan took out the referee with a Running knee...Roman Reigns took advantage by having a Spear for the cover, but there was no official.

Edge rolled-in to make the counts, but kicked out at two. Daniel Bryan once again with Submission skills, trying to let him tap out. But Roman Reigns still hung on. Meanwhile, Jey Uso out of nowhere with a Superkick to Edge first and then to Daniel Bryan.

Jey Uso out with a Steel chair...Edge tried to block but got attacked, Meanwhile, Daniel with steel steps shots. During the match, Daniel hit the chair to Edge, Roman Reigns out of nowhere with a Superman punch.

Daniel Bryan still with a Yes lock, Roman Reigns nearly tapped out, but Edge with a chair shot to Daniel Bryan and then to Roman Reigns. Edge marched back backstage. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns pinned Daniel Bryan for three counts to win the match.

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