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WWE Fastlane 2021 Result: Drew McIntyre Vs. Sheamus - No Holds Barred Full Match, Winner

WWE Fastlane 2021 Result: Drew McIntyre Vs. Sheamus - No Holds Barred Full Match, Winner

Views: 718 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

We were up next with Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus in a No Holds Barred match. Drew McIntyre as first headed to the ring followed by Sheamus. A trash-talking before the bell, Drew McIntyre fired off first to kick off the match.

Drew McIntyre with Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then sent Sheamus flying out of the ring. Sheamus bounced back ringside, Sheamus was slowed down by an Overhead Belly-to-Belly from Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre ran some rough shots and attempted to bring back Kendo Stick, but this time Sheamus from behind to take him down, he himself brought Kendo stick to hit it on Drew McIntyre but too rolled out of the way.

The match was growing up interesting, Sheamus with a Brogue kick to Drew McIntyre. Sheamus got Kendo sticks shots as Drew McIntyre screamed out of pain. Sheamus with a kendo shot right on the chest.

Drew McIntyre tried to make some separation, Drew McIntyre with a Big Boot to get back into the ring, this Drew McIntyre got Kendo stick in his hand. Drew McIntyre planted multiple Kendo shots. Drew McIntyre sent Sheamus flying out of the ring with a Kendo shot.

Drew McIntyre out behind Sheamus, but this time Sheamus dropped Drew McIntyre, apparently crashing through the steel steps. Sheamus got steel steps in his hands and roughly launched it on Drew McIntyre.

It looked like things were not yet, as they started battling through the arena. Sheamus with a Suplex to Drew McIntyre on the ground. They climbed on the top of the ThunderDome stage. Drew McIntyre with shots to the face.

Things were hyped between both the superstars, Drew McIntyre tossed Sheamus into the ThunderDome screen, which apparently created sparks. Drew and Sheamus love beating the hell out of each other.

Drew McIntyre with a pretty smart idea as he dragged Sheamus back to the ringside, looking to launch Sheamus through the announce desk. But Sheamus with a Brogue kick to launch Drew McIntyre over the top of the barricade. Sheamus up on the ThunderDome and performed a massive Backbreaker through the announce desk.

This was Awesome, this Brutal, this was savage, Sheamus got Drew McIntyre back inside the ring. Sheamus got a piece of Announce desk inside the ring, Drew McIntyre fired back with Future shock DDT on the piece of Announce Desk.

Drew McIntyre immediately with a Claymorekick for the cover, 1..2...3 to win the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre, via pinfall

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