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WWE Elimination Chamber: SmackDown Elimination Chamber Full Match, Winner

WWE Elimination Chamber: SmackDown Elimination Chamber Full Match, Winner

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Kevin Owens out first to kick off the Elimination Chamber event, he was followed by Sami Zayn. They both got locked inside the pods as King Baron Corbin marched his way to the ring followed by Jey Uso to the ring.

Cesaro was up next followed by Daniel Bryan who remained as the last entrant. Cesaro and Daniel Bryan kicked off the match. The bell rang as they both looked at the horns. Cesaro performed a Backbreaker followed by the cover, but Bryan was able to kick out at two.

Daniel Bryan fired back with some Uppercuts, Bryan from the top rope making a jump on Cesaro, Daniel Bryan once again from the top rope followed by a Dropkick.

A great counter by Daniel Bryan, Cesaro with a massive clothesline, he went for the cover but kicked out. Daniel Bryan looked to lock Cesaro into the Amrbar, but Cesaro was able to bounce back. Cesaro with multiple Uppercuts and then performed a Vertical Suplex.

The time was up for another entrant, King Corbin was at number three, he unloaded a vicious attack on Daniel Bryan. King Corbin with his elbow as Bryan hit temple right against the fence.

King Corbin with Deep six to each followed by a cover first at Daniel Bryan, but kicked out. Cesaro also kicked out at two, Baron Corbin was causing some serious attack on each.

They both tried to fight back, but nothing relieved them.

Sami Zayn was up next to make the entrant, Sami Zayn was still locked in, Baron Corbin tried to get him out of the pod. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan with a Flying Knee to Baron Corbin.

Sami Zayn thought that he saved himself as nobody could get into the pod, but this time Cesaro from behind to take him out of the pod.

Baron Corbin with a Superplex to Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn from behind attacking both of them. Sami Zayn climbed at the top of the pad trying to get out of it. While Cesaro also followed him.

They both took the bout up to the pods, Cesaro sent Sami Zayn flying down to the canvas. While Cesaro was caught by Daniel Bryan as came down, Baron Corbin also got involved. It got involved in more chaos as Cesaro wipe out each and every one.

Cesaro followed up a Sharpshooter on King Baron, apparently making him tap out.

Baron Corbin eliminated by Cesaro

Kevin Owens was at number 5

Sami Zayn tried to convince Kevin Owens for teaming up with him, but Kevin Owens instead hit him hard, Kevin Owens with Canball to each and every one. All four men were down as Kevin Owens was the last to perform a Pop-up Powerbomb. Kevin Owens with a Suplex to Cesaro followed by a Backbreaker to Daniel Bryan.

Kevin Owens had full control in the match even after the entrant of Jey Uso who entered last. They all got involved all in chaos. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens from the top of the pod with a Moonsault to wipe out everyone.

Kevin Owens with a Stunner to Sami Zayn...went for the cover for the elimination.

Kevin Owens eliminated Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens eliminated by Jey Uso

Now we were down to Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and Jey Uso. Daniel Bryan had near counts at Cesar twice. Daniel Bryan tried to drag himself up to the rope, but Cesaro with an Uppercut to fail the attempt.

Cesaro up to the turnbuckle while, Daniel Bryan was upon his shoulder, Cesaro crashed in canvas with Daniel Bryan. Meanwhile, Jey Uso out of nowhere with a Frog Splash to Cesaro for the cover to eliminate him.

Cesaro Eliminated by Jey Uso

Immediately, after eliminating Cesaro, Jey Uso also performed a Frog Splash, but this time Daniel Bryan had his knee up, and then Running knee to win the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan, last eliminated Jey Uso




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