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WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg Full Match & Winner

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg Full Match & Winner

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The two heavyweights exchanged right hands, and Goldberg flung Reigns into the ringside barricade before rolling the champion into the ring for the night’s first Spear.

The Hall of Famer looked to finish the job with a Jackhammer, but The Head of the Table was quick to reverse the attempt into a uranage before planting a Superman Punch.

Reigns quickly reversed it and locked in the Guillotine to sap the remaining strength out of Goldberg and leave him lying unconscious in the center of the ring.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022: Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg Full Match

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns along with The Usos and Paul Heyman comes out first. Reigns is in the ring, he takes the mic and says,"Kingdom of Saudi... ... Acknowledge me!"

The Music hits as the WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg makes his way down to the ring. Both are having an intense staredown before the match starts, Reigns is ozzing confidence. The referee warns them to be away for the time being. The Bell rings and the crowd goes crazy, It's Goldberg...chants all over the arena, both finally lock up with Goldberg backing up Reigns, but Reigns with a Headbutt and sends him out of the ring.

Reigns is on the attack, Reigns smashes Goldberg's head into the announce table and attempt to send Goldberg into the steel steps, but Goldberg forces out and sends Reigns instead into the barricade. Both are back to the ring, Goldberg makes it a quick work by planting a Spear for the cover, but kicks out at two and a half. Reigns immediately respond with the Rock Bottom for the cover but kick out the same.

Roman sets for the Superman punch and connects. Roman gestures for the spear but Goldberg is the one with the spear. Goldberg tries for the jackhammer but Roman blocks it and Roman with the guillotine.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022: Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg Winner

Winner: Roman Reigns via Submission

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