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WWE Crown Jewel 2021: Edge Vs. Seth Rollins (Hell In A Cell) Full Match & Winner

WWE Crown Jewel 2021: Edge Vs. Seth Rollins (Hell In A Cell) Full Match & Winner

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There’s only one way for Seth Rollins and Edge to settle their heated rivalry at WWE Crown Jewel: inside Hell in a Cell.

Hell In A Cell Match: Edge Vs. Seth Rollins

WWE runs a video package for Seth Rollins and Edge before the match kicks off. The Music hits as Seth Rollins marches his way up to the ring, Rollins checks out the cell as he gets in.

The Music hits as Edge makes his way to the Cell, the bell rings as Edge drives Rollins back into the ring, Rollins fires back, but Edge once again gets him over. Edge launches Rollins face-first onto the ropes.

Edge gets out of the ring, while, Rollins is still in the ring. Rollins with a Suicide Dive, but Edge step aside as Rollins crashes into the cell.

Edge sends Rollins back into the ring and gets two chairs in. Rollins tries to escape, but Edge with an Execuser puts him down. Edge is dropped off the apron. Rollins is bringing the cruelty, he continues to send Edge face-first into the cell.

Edge is back to the ring, While, Rollins goes down to bring the chairs. Meanwhile, Edge with a Basement Dropkick as Rollins bounces off the apron. Rollins is now looking to use Edge's own move now, Rollins used a chair on Edge, driving it across his back and side as Edge was prone on the mat.

Rollins is just about to make that shot, but Edge gets out of the problem. Edge immediately goes to lock on a Crossface, but Rollins grabs the bar from the chair and get it into his face. Rollins steps out and goes on to work with that Chair and uses it. Rollins smashes Edge with the Frog Splash off the top for two counts.

Rollins now goes under the ring and brings a table out. Rollins gets back to the ring and ripped at Edge's eye. Rollins now marches his way to the top, but Edge shoves him off as he crashes through the table he had set up earlier.

Edge goes for the Edgeomatic on the steps. Edge comes off the top with a chair, driving it across Rollins' chest. Edge gets the cover, but Rollins kicks out at two.

Rollins with a Superkick for two counts. Rollins follows up a Pedigree for near fall. Rollins is now looking for a Spear, but Edge gets him and goes for a Bucklebomb.

Edge follows up a Spear for near fall, Rollins is still in the match, Edge out goes out and pulls out a table and a Ladder. Edge runs it into Rollins' face. Edge goes to whip Rollins into the ladder but it is reversed and he crashes and burnss. Rollins with the ladder down on Edge again, then sets up the table.

Now they are battling atop the Ladder, but this time Edge gets a Superplex. Rollins fights back and blocks it and targets his injured eye.

Rollins hits a sunset flip powerbomb through the table. Rollins now wraps a chair around his leg and makes it to a Superkick. Rollins goes for a Stomp, but this time Edge nails a Low blow by using the chair.

Edge immediately gets up and launches back-to-back Superkicks. Edge grabs the chain and turns it into a Crossface. It looks like Rollins is about to tap out, but Edge instead decides to release the hold. Edge grabs a chair and stomps Rollins onto a chair, using Rollins' finisher, and scored the pin.

Winner: Edge via pinfall

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