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WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 Results September 27, 2020: Live Coverage, Highlights, Winners, Recap

WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 Results September 27, 2020: Live Coverage, Highlights, Winners, Recap

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Clash of Champions (2020) is scheduled to take place on September 27, 2020 (originally September 20) at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. It will be the fourth event in the Clash of Champions chronology.

The Mian event of the night includes an Ambulance match for the WWE Championship between Randy Orton and the champ Drew McIntyre. Roman Reigns defend the Universal Championship against Jey Uso.

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley puts the title on the line against Nikki Cross. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) to happen in a Tag team match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and/or Lince Dorado) to happen in a Tag team match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Plush, a huge Triple threat ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship between Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Sami Zayn.

The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) (c) vs. Andrade and Angel Garza in a Tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship. Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Apollo Crews in a Singles match for the WWE United States Championship. Plush, Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega in a Singles match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship. Raw Women's Championship Match will happen in Kick-off show.

Big Changes Made In The Card:

--SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley was supposed to put the title on the line against Nikki Cross, but it was reported that Nikki Cross was not medically clear to fight.

--Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) was supposed to happen in a Tag team match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, but it was reported that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are not medically clear to fight.


Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party[WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship]

Lucha House Party kicked the tings off walking down to the ring in their kick-off show. The Champions Nakamura and Cesaro were next to be in the ring. The Bell rang as Lince Dorado and Cesaro kicked the things off. Cesaro with a big Closeline, Lince Dorado sent Cesaro flying and then a Dropkick, Lince Dorado with a tag to Kalisto who made a double-team shoulder dash on Cesaro.

Kalisto with Slipper hold, Cesaro pushed him back in the corner, breaking the hold. Lince Dorado and Nakamura were into the ring. Nakamura took Lince Dorado out of the ring. They out in the ring as Nakamura in with a Tag. Cesaro with a big Closeline. Nakamura and Cesaro went with quick exchanges of Tags.

Tag to Cesaro as he with cover to Lince Dorado for the counts, but kicked out at two. Lince Dorado with Sunset Powerbomb. Cesaro with a Big boot for the cover, but kicked out at two. Cesaro with Tag to Nakamura. Lince Dorado with Knee strick and went up to the top rope for Dropkick and then went for Tag, but could not do so as Cesaro immediately was able to tag with Nakamura. Lince Dorado went inside out.

Lince Dorado was soon able to make the tag to Kalisto, Lince Dorado was still into the ring with a Backstabber, Cesaro took Kalisto out of the ring and tried to have damages but Lince Dorado flying over the top rope with a DDT to Cesaro. Lince Dorado stood on the apron where Nakamura took him down and dumped behind the barricade. Kalisto got Cesaro back into the ring and performed a Frogsplash to Cesaro for the Cover, but kicked out at two.

Cesaro with Uppercut making the tag to Nakamura and went for Swinging as Nakamura performed a knee for the cover to win the match.

Winners: Cesaro & Nakamura, victory followed by pinfall

WWE Clash Of Champions starts from here!!!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Vs. Sami Zayn

AJ Styles kicked the Clash Of Champions coming for the first. He was followed by Sami Zayn who walked down with trash-talking. The Champion Jeff Hardy was next up to be in the ring. The Bell rang as Sami Zayn once again with trash-talking, AJ Styles with a punch to Zayn, Jeff Hardy involved in taking AJ Styles down. Jeff Hardy with a big Closeline to take AJ Styles down. Jeff Hardy got ladder into the ring, but this time AJ Styles with his boot to Ladder driving Jeff Hardy back to Barricade.

Zayn involved driving AJ Styles with a ladder, Zayn drove the ladder to Jeff Hardy and then to AJ Styles. Zayn back into the ring with Ladder. Jeff Hardy followed him back and dropped Zayn on Ladder with his back touching. AJ Styles back to the ring, They both up to the ring post, Jeff Hardy looked for Frog Splash, but AJ Styles sided as Jeff Hardy drove himself between the ladder. Zayn tried to make the interruption, but AJ Styles too drove him on the Ladder.

AJ Styles set off the Ladder and looked to climb the ladder, Zayn with involvement dragging AJ down, AJ Styes with a kick to the back on the neck and once again marched upwards, Jeff Hardy back to up. They both with a couple of shots, AJ Styles dropped Jeff Hardy down on the canvas. Jeff Hardy once again got involved and this time Jeff Hardy was able to take AJ Styles down.

Zayn with Suplex to AJ Styles on the ladder, Sami Zayn was all alone in the ring, He went up to the ladder, Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy made the interruption taking him down. Zayn sent Hardy out of the ring and drove him through the barricade. AJ Styles involved, AJ Styles looked for Knee strick, but AJ Styles retreated, AJ Styles flying through the steel steps, launching himself over AJ Styles. Zayn came performing a Hulive kick on Jeff Hardy. Zayn up to the Ladder, but AJ Styles through a ladder on Zayn, apparently taking him down. AJ Styles and Jeff both went upward.

This time they both drove themselves down, Zayn took the advantage of marching it to the ring. Jeff Hardy grabbed Zayn with a Twist Of Fath and then went above the ladder. Zayn involved, Jeff Hardy tried to avoid being in a snake shape on the ladder, but Zayn was able to send him out with Ladder. Zayn was making a bridge between the announce table and apron.

AJ Styles up to the top of the announce table with Moonsault and then hit Zayn to the announce table, AJ Styles sat the ladder back int he shape, but Jeff Hardy out of nowhere launching a ladder on AJ Styles. Jeff Hardy all above the Thunderdome and then launched a Swanton on Zayn crashing through into the ladder.

AJ Styles was in the ring trying to get going up to the ladder, but Jeff Hardy once again took him off the ladder. Now, Zayn was into the action as they both were down. Zayn put two handcuffs out of his pocket and went on to handcuff Jeff Hardy's ear to the ladder. Zayn turned the fight over AJ Styles. Zayn was trying to handcuff AJ Styles to the ring, but AJ Styles was able to fight back. AJ Styles with Suplex.

Zayn handcuffed himself to AJ Styles. He was in the mind that if he couldn't then nobody could. AJ Styles tried to climb the ladder with Zayn on his shoulder in order to retrieve the titles. Zayn played the mind game as he got the key to the handcuff inside his mouth. Zayn opened his side and then went on to handcuff AJ Styles to the ladder and himself went on to retrieve the titles. This is how we got the new champion

Winner: Sami Zayn

--We were backstage as R-Truth was incarnating himself, he accidentally entered in the referee's room and when he went out Drew Gulak suddenly came out of nowhere and pinned Truth to win the title.

Asuka(c) Vs. Zelina Vega[Raw Women's Championship Match]

Zelina Vega out walking down to the ring. She was followed by the Champion Asuka making her walk to the ring. The bell rang as Asuka drove Zelina Vega's face into the canvas. Asuka with some fun. Asuka with a shoulder to dash her down. Zelina Vega with a shot to the shoulder. Zelina Vega was infirm control of Asuka.

Asuka with a Shoulder block and went for Armbar, Zelina Vega reached the bottom rope to break the Armbar. Asuka once again ran rough shots on Zelina Vega taking her up to the ring post. Zelina Vega was somehow able to drove Asuka down on the canvas.

Asuka back to her feet and performed Hip attack taking Zelina Vega out of the ring. Asuka followed her, this time Zelina Vega grabbed Asuka's arm and sent driving through the steel steps.

Zelina Vega with some good moves, but soon Asuka got back to her feet with Asuka lock, Zelina Vega was able to retreat, Asuka was on the move with the Hip Attack, but Zelina Vega sided to escape. Zelina Vega with a knee strick to Asuka into the corner and went for two and half-close counts. Zelina Vega was shocked at it.

Zelina Vega with a roll for the counts, Asuka kicked out, Zelina Vega looked for Armbar, but this time Asuka didn't waste her time to apply Asuka lock to let Zelina Vega tap out and retained the title.

Winner:Asuka, victory followed by Submission

--After the match, Asuka handed her hands towards Zelina Vega out with respect, once Zelina Vega denied, but later she bowed down in Japanese style, Asuka also did the same, but Zelina Vega out with Knee strick and went off the ring.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Apollo Crews [WWE United States Championship]

Apollo Crews out first accompanied by Ricochet, they were followed by Bobby Lashley accompanied by MVP and Benjamin. The bell rang as the match kicked off. Bobby Lashley took Apollo Crews for the cover as the bell rang. Bobby Lashley with a shoulder block. Apollo Crews fired back sending Bobby out of the ring and then appeared with Moonsault flying over the ring rope. Apollo Crews up to the rope with Crossbody to Bobby and for cover, but kicked out at two.

Bobby Lashley with Flatliner for the cover, but kicked out two, MVP had some trash-talking as Apollo Crews hung between the middle of the ring rope. Bobby Lashley with more offenses on Apollo Crews. Bobby Lashley with Suplex for the cover, but kicked out at two.

Apollo Crews went outside, Bobby Lashley also followed launching Apollo Crews on his shoulder, but Apollo Crews instead drove him crashing through the ring post. Both retreated into the ring before we could hear 10 counts. Apollo Crews incredible moves including a Moonsault for the cover, but couldn't pin.

Bobby Lashley with a Superplex from the top rope for the cover, Apollo Crews kicked out at two. Bobby Lashley looked for another move, but this time Apollo Crews had it avoided and landed a Standing Santom and then went up to the top rope coming up with a Frog Splash for the cover, hooked the leg but kicked out at two.

Bobby Lashley back to his feet with a Chokeslam and then followed his Full Nelson to win the match.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, victory followed by submission

The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) (c) vs. Andrade and Angel Garza [WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match]

Winners: The Street Profits, victory followed by pinfall

Bayley Vs. Asuka[SmackDown Women's Championship Match]

Earlier the breaking news broke that Nikki Cross was not medically clear to fight against Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship Match. Bayley came to address the news and she flaunted that no one is able to compete against her. She then went on to celebrate in the ring as she was followed by Raw Women's Champion Asuka going back and forth with Bayley, apparently accepting the challenge.

During the match, They both Asuka and Bayley were outside of the ring, Bayley used a chair shot on Asuka forcing the referee to bring the bell.

Winner:Bayley, victory followed by DQ

Bayley stood tall outside. Sasha Banks out of nowhere attacking Bayley with a chair shot. Once Bayley was able to retreat in order to land some chair shots on Sasha Banks, but Sasha Banks once again turned violent attacking Bayley with Kendo sticks as Bayley rolled out of the ring.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton [Ambulance match for the WWE Championship]

The promo cut as Randy Orton made his walk to the ring. The Music hit as Drew McIntyre headed towards the ring. Randy Orton rolled out of the ring as Drew McIntyre got in. They both went for stare-down. The bell rang as Drew McIntyre with a knee strick getting the best of champions. A big one right to the face of Randy Orton. McIntyre was relentlessly taken Randy Orton down.

Randy Orton looked for RKO, but Drew McIntyre blocked it. Drew McIntyre stood all alone on the apron, Randy Orton grabbed him in order to launch DDT on the apron. Randy Orton with a smile looking to hit the jaw. But what we saw, it was Big Show grabbing Randy Orton's leg, he took Randy Orton out, and choke slammed Randy Orton on the announce table.

Big Show made his way out, Drew McIntyre now on the attack as he drove Randy Orton above the barricade. Drew McIntyre with little big of more punishments taking him near to the ambulance. Drew McIntyre hit Randy Orton's face to the ambulance's back door. McIntyre got some clutches out and chairs out of the ambulance. He just went on to hit, but Randy Orton with Kendo stick shots.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre both sent themselves into the ambulance going ground and pound. Randy Orton used his leg to push Drew McIntyre away. Drew McIntyre fought off and looked for Claymore, Randy Orton immediately, went into an ambulance as Claymore hit to the door. Drew McIntyre got the door off the ambulance with Claymore.

They both took the fight backstage, Another chop by McIntyre, Randy Orton launched Drew McIntyre into the wall, Christine out of nowhere attacking Randy Orton. Christine went out of there as Drew McIntyre fired upon Randy Orton. Drew McIntyre took Randy Orton back to the Ambulance sending him atop to the ambulance bonnet. Drew McIntyre was also there. But this time Randy Orton crashed Drew McIntyre shattering the wing Shield of the ambulance.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre all above the ambulance. They both stood high above, Drew McIntyre with some shots, but Randy Orton with knee strick to once again take him down. Randy Orton hammered some shots to send Drew down on the ground.

The Viper was stalking Drew Mcintyre, Randy Orton turned his back as another surprise came, Shawn Michael appeared with a Superkick sending Randy Orton off the ambulance. Drew McIntyre took the advantage and lift him on his shoulders. Drew McIntyre near to the ambulance as Randy Orton performed RKO. Randy Orton sent Randy Orton into the ring and closed one door.

Randy Orton waited and went on to close another door, but this time Drew McIntyre got his hands out in order to stop Randy Orton closing the door. Drew McIntyre went out and performed the Claymore kick. He went on to close the door but waited as he applied punt kick to the skull and then close the door to win the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre and retained the title

Ric Flair was another surprising appearance in the match who drove the ambulance.

Roman Reigns(c) Vs. Jey Uso[WWE Universal Championship Match]

We looked for the main event of the night, Jey Uso out as for the first made his walk to the ring. Roman Reigns was up next accompanied by Paul Heyman. The Bell rang as Roman Reigns and Jey Uso fought off, Jey Uso built up the speed as Roman Reigns with a Massive Close line.

Roman Reigns with trash-talking and then drove him into the top of the turnbuckle, Roman Reigns got him into the middle of the ring. Roman Reigns with a right hand sending Jey Uso out of the ring. Roman Reigns out following Jey Uso. The referee ordered them to be in the ring. Jey Uso with a chief shot, but Roman Reigns turned out with Uppercut. Roman Reigns hit Jey Uso on the announce table, Roman Reigns, and Jey Uso back into the ring.

Jey Uso stunned Roman Reigns as he performed Samoa Drop for the cover, hooked the leg, kicked out at two. Jey Uso looked for another move, Roman Reigns out with Superman punch once again sending Jey Uso out of the ring. Jey Uso retreated outside. Jey Uso with a punch to the Jaw of Roman Reigns, but Roman Reigns again banged a right hand on Jey Uso. Roman Reigns back to the ring with Jey Uso, Roman with cover for two counts, Roman now with Headbutt to Jey Uso into the corner.

Jey with a chop, but Roman Reigns delivered a big right hand to take him down. Roman Reigns with Closeline into the corner. Jey Uso with Dropkick pushing Roman Reigns a little bit back. Jey Uso somehow sent Roman Reigns into the ring post, Jey Uso with a big Closeline sending Jey Uso over the ring rope.

Jey Uso immediately followed a dive driving Roman Reigns into the barricade. Jey Uso back with Roman Reigns with a Frog Splash for the cover but kicked out at two, Jey Uso with Superkick for another cover. Jey Uso up to the top, but this time Roman fired back with a Leg Drop to Jey and then covered him for the counts. Jey Uso kicked out at two. Roman Reigns looked for the Spear, but Jey Uso jumped up to escape and landed a Superkick to Roman Reigns.

Jey Uso followed the top rope in order to perform Frog Splash for the cover, Roman Reigns kicked out at near two close. This time Roman Reigns with a Spear and then went for trash-talking. Roman Reigns with another Spear, but he didn't got the cover. Roman forced Jey Uso to say that he is the head of the tribal chief, but Jey Uso denied to do so.

Roman Reigns ran some rough shots on Jey Uso, Roman Reigns had some trash-talking with the referee. Jimmy Uso lammed into the arena in order to help Jey Uso. Roman Reigns went ground and pound with Jey Uso. Meanwhile, Jimmy Uso thew the towel in as the referee called out the match.

Roman Reigns, victory followed by DQ

Jimmy Uso checked out Jey Uso.

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