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WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Vs. Sami Zayn--Intercontinental Championship Full Match

WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Vs. Sami Zayn--Intercontinental Championship Full Match

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AJ Styles kicked the Clash Of Champions coming for the first. He was followed by Sami Zayn who walked down with trash-talking. The Champion Jeff Hardy was next up to be in the ring. The Bell rang as Sami Zayn once again with trash-talking, AJ Styles with a punch to Zayn, Jeff Hardy involved in taking AJ Styles down. Jeff Hardy with a big Closeline to take AJ Styles down. Jeff Hardy got ladder into the ring, but this time AJ Styles with his boot to Ladder driving Jeff Hardy back to Barricade.

Zayn involved driving AJ Styles with a ladder, Zayn drove the ladder to Jeff Hardy and then to AJ Styles. Zayn back into the ring with Ladder. Jeff Hardy followed him back and dropped Zayn on Ladder with his back touching. AJ Styles back to the ring, They both up to the ring post, Jeff Hardy looked for Frog Splash, but AJ Styles sided as Jeff Hardy drove himself between the ladder. Zayn tried to make the interruption, but AJ Styles too drove him on the Ladder.

AJ Styles set off the Ladder and looked to climb the ladder, Zayn with involvement dragging AJ down, AJ Styes with a kick to the back on the neck and once again marched upwards, Jeff Hardy back to up. They both with a couple of shots, AJ Styles dropped Jeff Hardy down on the canvas. Jeff Hardy once again got involved and this time Jeff Hardy was able to take AJ Styles down.

Zayn with Suplex to AJ Styles on the ladder, Sami Zayn was all alone in the ring, He went up to the ladder, Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy made the interruption taking him down. Zayn sent Hardy out of the ring and drove him through the barricade. AJ Styles involved, AJ Styles looked for Knee strick, but AJ Styles retreated, AJ Styles flying through the steel steps, launching himself over AJ Styles. Zayn came performing a Hulive kick on Jeff Hardy. Zayn up to the Ladder, but AJ Styles through a ladder on Zayn, apparently taking him down. AJ Styles and Jeff both went upward.

This time they both drove themselves down, Zayn took the advantage of marching it to the ring. Jeff Hardy grabbed Zayn with a Twist Of Fath and then went above the ladder. Zayn involved, Jeff Hardy tried to avoid being in a snake shape on the ladder, but Zayn was able to send him out with Ladder. Zayn was making a bridge between the announce table and apron.

AJ Styles up to the top of the announce table with Moonsault and then hit Zayn to the announce table, AJ Styles sat the ladder back int he shape, but Jeff Hardy out of nowhere launching a ladder on AJ Styles. Jeff Hardy all above the Thunderdome and then launched a Swanton on Zayn crashing through into the ladder.

AJ Styles was in the ring trying to get going up to the ladder, but Jeff Hardy once again took him off the ladder. Now, Zayn was into the action as they both were down. Zayn put two handcuffs out of his pocket and went on to handcuff Jeff Hardy's ear to the ladder. Zayn turned the fight over AJ Styles. Zayn was trying to handcuff AJ Styles to the ring, but AJ Styles was able to fight back. AJ Styles with Suplex.

Zayn handcuffed himself to AJ Styles. He was in the mind that if he couldn't then nobody could. AJ Styles tried to climb the ladder with Zayn on his shoulder in order to retrieve the titles. Zayn played the mind game as he got the key to the handcuff inside his mouth. Zayn opened his side and then went on to handcuff AJ Styles to the ladder and himself went on to retrieve the titles. This is how we got the new champion

Winner: Sami Zayn and the new Intercontinental Champion




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