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WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton--Ambulance Full Match, Winner

WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton--Ambulance Full Match, Winner

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The promo cut as Randy Orton made his walk to the ring. The Music hit as Drew McIntyre headed towards the ring. Randy Orton rolled out of the ring as Drew McIntyre got in. They both went for stare-down. The bell rang as Drew McIntyre with a knee strick getting the best of champions. A big one right to the face of Randy Orton. McIntyre was relentlessly taken Randy Orton down.

Randy Orton looked for RKO, but Drew McIntyre blocked it. Drew McIntyre stood all alone on the apron, Randy Orton grabbed him in order to launch DDT on the apron. Randy Orton with a smile looking to hit the jaw. But what we saw, it was Big Show grabbing Randy Orton's leg, he took Randy Orton out, and choke slammed Randy Orton on the announce table.

Big Show made his way out, Drew McIntyre now on the attack as he drove Randy Orton above the barricade. Drew McIntyre with little big of more punishments taking him near to the ambulance. Drew McIntyre hit Randy Orton's face to the ambulance's back door. McIntyre got some clutches out and chairs out of the ambulance. He just went on to hit, but Randy Orton with Kendo stick shots.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre both sent themselves into the ambulance going ground and pound. Randy Orton used his leg to push Drew McIntyre away. Drew McIntyre fought off and looked for Claymore, Randy Orton immediately, went into an ambulance as Claymore hit to the door. Drew McIntyre got the door off the ambulance with Claymore.

They both took the fight backstage, Another chop by McIntyre, Randy Orton launched Drew McIntyre into the wall, Christine out of nowhere attacking Randy Orton. Christine went out of there as Drew McIntyre fired upon Randy Orton. Drew McIntyre took Randy Orton back to the Ambulance sending him atop to the ambulance bonnet. Drew McIntyre was also there. But this time Randy Orton crashed Drew McIntyre shattering the wing Shield of the ambulance.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre all above the ambulance. They both stood high above, Drew McIntyre with some shots, but Randy Orton with knee strick to once again take him down. Randy Orton hammered some shots to sent Drew down on the ground.

The Viper was stalking Drew Mcintyre, Randy Orton turned his back as another surprise came, Shawn Michael appeared with a Superkick sending Randy Orton off the ambulance. Drew McIntyre took the advantage and lift him on his shoulders. Drew McIntyre near to the ambulance as Randy Orton performed RKO. Randy Orton sent Randy Orton into the ring and closed one door.

Randy Orton waited and went on to close another door, but this time Drew McIntyre got his hands out in order to stop Randy Orton closing the door. Drew McIntyre went out and performed the Claymore kick. He went on to close the door but waited as he applied punt kick to the skull and then close the door to win the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre and retained the title

Ric Flair was another surprising appearance in the match who drove the ambulance.




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