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Video: The Viking Raiders Want A WrestleMania Moment

Video: The Viking Raiders Want A WrestleMania Moment

Views: 213 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

The Viking Raiders are keen on wanting a WrestleMania moment.

The Viking Raiders open up on Raw Talk after returning to action on Raw and drive home that they won’t be content just watching WrestleMania from the sidelines again.

During Raw Talk, The Viking Raiders made the following statement, "It's kind of like being in the deep end of the pool, not really knowing how to swim out, and it just now that it's back together now that we're here and like he[Ivar] said we got a huge chip on her shoulder like because we've seen everything that happened."

"This is now the second WrestleMania that we've watched. I don't want to watch again. I hate being on the silence. I hate not being having a ball running with it scoring. You don't even like I want to be in the action. I want to be the fights. I don't care if we're winning and losing you know what I mean? Like we've lost lots of matches."

..."We've never lost a fight and I'll plow down my dying day. That's what I've never lost a fight and it's the truth and that's how I feel and I would rather be out there fighting than sitting eating catering or watching my friends go out in front of 45,000 [people] because we were on stage for America the beautiful just like."

"I was running a little bit but like we were out there and like you guys[The New Day] ran past us just full of energy and we felt it and we felt the people and we had goosebumps...just thinking about it, but we didn't get to go out and Wrestle we need to get to go out and do what we do," Erick of The Viking Raiders explained.

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