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Video: The Bella Twins Share Hall Of Fame Spotlight

Video: The Bella Twins Share Hall Of Fame Spotlight

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Brie & Nikki Bella discuss how special it is to enter the WWE Hall of Fame together and look back on their favorite memories.

"It literally gives me Goose Bumps," says Brie Bella. "It's a really surreal feeling when you get the call that you're going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It doesn't make you look back at your whole career and think like wow!, It just makes you realize what you did here at WWE was impactful and it meant something and there's no better way to fill more honored than just that."

"...I think to be acknowledged for your hard work and you know, everything Brie said: there's a no bigger honor. No bigger accomplishment than becoming a hall of fame or not. I'm getting chills everywhere and just to see the group of people that we are amongst in the Hall of Fame. It's just to like Brie said it's so surreal. I'm just at times have to pinch myself like oh my gosh, we are now officially WWE Hall of Famers." Says Nikki Bella.

They are now the first twins in the WWE Hall of Fame. The Bella Twins share on what is like to always have a partner with them.

"We're gonna do a lot of bragging at the twin convention and Minnesota, says Brie Bella. "It is it's really neat because I think growing up as twins, you know, you're always like I don't want to be a trend because I have to share everything but sharing this incredible career with my sister is what got us into the Hall of Fame and it makes it being like the only Twins and makes twins just special and the fact that they were the first-ever twins to be inducted. It just shows that everything we stick playing about when we were little girls actually was everything for us."

Nikki Bella: "When I set up before with one of the women that I love most in the world to experience this to break barriers with to empower others with like there's nothing like it. I wouldn't want to redo it and do it by myself there. It's just been so special doing."

Listen up the full interview below:

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