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Video: Goldberg Values Family Over Everything

Video: Goldberg Values Family Over Everything

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At WWE Crown Jewel 2021, Goldberg battled out Bobby Lashley in the No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere match.

No doubt about it, the match was one of the biggest matches in WWE history as Goldberg won after spearing Lashley off the stage.

The WWE Hall of Famer was pushed to a new level when Bobby Lashley dragged his family into their rivalry. During a backstage interview, Lashley stated that he values family over everything.

"Well, no offense to any Championship, but my family is much more important than any title any Championship any Accolade anything, you know, there's nothing that's going to stir up the violence and human being then touching and disrespecting their family.

"I don't care if I'm 500 years old. I'll come out of the grave and I'll rip your face off. That's rough something you don't do wrestling business. Football anywhere it doesn't matter you do not mess with a Man's family."

During the match, Bobby Lashley was rattled he would look like he was leaving and all of a sudden Goldberg outcomes to hurt business yet.

"No, it was just a distraction. I got more my eye when I have my eye on a prizeman. I'm going to attain that goal hundred percent. I've had Bobby Lashley in my sights ever since SummerSlam, and I was going to make him pay and in all honesty. I should have made him pay even more.

"But that's what he got tonight. That's what he deserved tonight. And there's not a human being on the planet. That wouldn't do the same thing."

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