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Update On WWE Showing Bray Wyatt's Number On SmackDown

Update On WWE Showing Bray Wyatt's Number On SmackDown

Views: 66 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

During the November 25th edition of SmackDown, Wyatt got another giant reaction. The fans broke into a loud "Wyatt" chant during his entrance. Wyatt kicks off saying that everyone wants him to be a monster. Everyone wants him to be The Fiend. The fans popped for the mention of The Fiend.

But stated that he doesn't want to be The Fiend anymore, which got boos. Wyatt claimed that he didn't attack LA Knight last week. Meanwhile, The lights went out. An Uncle Howdy video appeared on the screen. It included highlights of Wyatt's career as Husky Harris and The Wyatt family. With a tear on his face, Uncle Howdy told Wyatt to wake up.

Ever since a white rabbit involving Bray Wyatt was shown on screen on episodes of smackdown and Raw, the Bray Wyatt storyline has been one of the best things to happen in WWE, and one of the greatest WWE comebacks of all time ended in.

However, the return of Bray Wyatt did not put an end to the mystery. In fact, every time Wyatt was seen cutting a promo on WWE television, he was eventually interrupted by a masked man named Uncle Howdy. Although it is not clear who this Uncle Howdy is, people have only seen him on screen. It is being speculated that WWE is planning something big regarding Uncle Howdy and Wyatt.

A phone number was flashed during an Uncle Howdy segment on SmackDown last night, leaving viewers curious. A fan noted down the number and called to know who answers the call.

The number changed to a picture of a white rabbit as the caller picked up the call, the person on the other was talking about a patient before pausing midway to ask who was on the line.

“Patient suffers from delusions of grandeur. Perhaps, the most extreme incidents I’ve encountered. I’m concerned that no regular treatment or medications would be able to counter this balance of power in the patient’s psyche. The problems of disorganized thought patterns could communicate a sense of unmatched importance. Doubts of isolation seem to have amplified during our monologue and have blocked out any outside voice. In short, the patient would need to meet a highly medical practitioner if they do themselves. I see that things could border on the impossible after some concerns that the patient is such a danger to themselves and anyone they encounter that….Hello?….Hello?….Is someone there?….Hello?….Hello?….Ah Hi….[disconnects]”

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