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UFC Vegas 12: Uriah Hall Vs. Anderson Silva Full Fight, Winner, Decision

UFC Vegas 12: Uriah Hall Vs. Anderson Silva Full Fight, Winner, Decision

Views: 190 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

Uriah Hall defeats Anderson Silva via fourth-round TKO, Good stoppage by Herb Dean. Anderson Silva probably fought off his last fight in MMA.

According to Ariel Helwani Silva has two fights left on his UFC deal, including this one. Then this should not be his last fight as the question raises.

After the fight, Uriah Hall was crying in front of Anderson Silva and saying “I’m so sorry” after TKOing him. “You’re the reason why I’m doing this. You’re still one of the greatest,” an emotional Hall says to Silva.

Take a look at the full fight:

Round 1st: The main event of the evening was on the line, touched the gliffs, got ready for the fight, Anderson Silva was taking his time to strike. No risk at the half, low kick from Anderson Silva, got one back from Uriah Hall. Inside low kick from Uriah Hall, two minutes gone.

High kick from Uriah Hall, but instead got slip, Anderson Silva with a good strike taking Uriah Hall aback. Silva was back on the attack, nice Jab from Uriah Hall. Nice back to back Jabs from Anderson Silva, the first round ended here.

Round 2nd: Both back to the fight, a nice Jab from Uriah Hall, high kick to the body from Silva. A nice jab from Anderson Silva got one back from Uriah Hall. Spinning back kick from Anderson Silva, Anderson with his own known style.

A low kick from Silva, 15 seconds left in the second round, no risk, they finished the round with nice head movement.

Round 3rd: Anderson Silva went with a kick to the body, nice Jab from Uriah Hall. The high kick connected for Uriah Hall, right leg to make the combination. Hand fighting from both, Spinning back kick for Uriah Hall, Anderson Silva strikes back.

Uriah Hall went for the Bodykick, Anderson Silva caught Uriah Hall in the clinch, Anderson Silva with foot stomp to Uriah Hall, they got the separation right over there. Uriah Hall with the right hand over the top, as Silva hesitated and went down on the ground, Uriah Hall got the confidence and continued to land stroke as the round ended here.

Round 4th: Early Jab from Uriah Hall, Silva was a little bit hurt, Uriah Hall got a big right hand as Silva went down, Uriah Hall continued to perform hands-on the face of Anderson Silva.

For a while, Silva tried to get back in the fight, but finally, the referee had to stop the fight as Uriah Hall the winner.

Winner: Uriah Hall, via fourth-round TKO, stoppage by Herb Dean.




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