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UFC Fight Night Result: Brian Ortega Vs. The Korean Zombie Fight Winner

UFC Fight Night Result: Brian Ortega Vs. The Korean Zombie Fight Winner

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1st Round: The first round kicked off, a couple of low kicks from Brian Ortega, no high risk, big right hand from Brian Ortega. Inside kick from Zombie, 1:30 to go in the fight, a clear right hook from Brian Ortega as Zombie moved away, Big right hand from Brian Ortega as Zombie fell down, but retrained soon, Hight kick from Brian Ortega, night long leg hook from Zombie. The First round ended here.

2nd Round: Second round was on the line, inside low kick from Brian Ortega as the round kicked off, a couple of uppercuts from Zombie looking to finish the fight. Left hand from Brian Ortega. They both still moving very well, a massive Uppercut from Zombie, got a Body shot in the exchange.

A massive Spinning Back elbow from Brian Ortega, Zombie got down, Brian Ortega took the advantage in taking more shots. Zombie was able to counter back instantly. There was a takedown from Brian Ortega as the round ended here.

3rd Round: Third Round commenced, pretty good movement from both, left hand from Zombie, High kick from Brian Ortega, but Zombie defended it. A low kick from Brian Ortega, 40 seconds to go in the fight. Brian Ortega looked to appear more effective in the third.

4th Round: Both ready for round number 4, Big left hook from Brian Ortega, Body high kick from Brian Ortega, Brian Ortega looked for a takedown, he was able to do so against the fence. Zombie had things back up, Brian Ortega with Big right hand apparently blowing Zombie. Zombie was bleeding from the eye. He took a little time off

1:40 seconds to go, Brian Ortega cracked in with the right hand, Brian Ortega with a takedown attempt, but Zombie was able to avoid it with the round ending.

5th Round: Fifth and the final round was on the line for this Featherweight clash, Brian Ortega tried to grab the leg, Brian Ortega was circling around pretty well. Low inside kick from Brian Ortega, Brian Ortega was still adjusting the things up, got uppercuts from Zombie, as he tried to close the distance.

A massive right hand from, beautiful shots from both as the fight ended here.

Winner: Brian Ortega, via Unanimous decision (50-45 X 3)

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