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UFC 263 Results: Leon Edwards Vs. Nate Diaz Full Fight & Winner

UFC 263 Results: Leon Edwards Vs. Nate Diaz Full Fight & Winner

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A welterweight sneed between Leon Edwards and formerly chucks UFC Lightweight Championship challenger Nate Diaz (also The Ultimate Fighter 5 lightweight winner) goes down at UFC 263.

The Fight marks the first time in UFC history that a non-title bout other than the main event has been scheduled for five rounds.

1st Round: The first round of Leon Edwards vs. Nate Diaz kicks off...A couple of seconds, but nothing big comes up. A beautiful leg kick from Edwards followed by one more. Three low leg kicks landed for Edwards, Nate Diaz lands a low inside leg kick followed by a Front kick.

Nate Diaz lands a body shot followed by a good shot as he touts in the middle. Edwards follows up a clinch and then gets Nate Diaz's back for a Takedown. Nate Diaz gets through punches to be out of the hold, Edwards was still grabbing the back, Nate Diaz goes for a scramble followed by a good left to be back on his feet as the round ends.

Second Round: 10-9 Edwards after 1, leg kicks have been the big part for Edwards to advance in the fight. Nate Diaz with some fun out there, meanwhile, Edwards with another leg kick as he does. Nate Diaz follows up Inside low leg kick.

An interesting approach as both go for a heavy exchange, Edwards goes for another Takedown, A beautiful job gets Nate Diaz back to his feet. Edwards stuns Nate Diaz with one right followed by a good left hook from Nate Diaz. Diaz looks very strong with that clinch, Edwards switches immediately and ends the round with a spinning elbow.

Third Round: Round three goes live with a big right for Nate Diaz, they are getting close. Another massive low kick for Edwards, while, Nate Diaz grabbed him for a clinch for a short while. Edwards is going strong right now, Nate Diaz gets pummeled and then Edwards goes for another Takedown.

A nice elbow for Edwards as Nate Diaz gets cut through, Nate Diaz is bleeding through. Nate Diaz continues the fight. Edwards holds Nate Diaz with a clinch and then performs another Takedown. Nate Diaz gets back to his feet as Edwards follows up a spinning elbow.

4th Round: Massive gash on the right side of Diaz’s head and on the left eyebrow. Lots of blood. A big connection there for Nate Diaz, while Edwards is all focused on landing those low leg kicks. A big left hook by Edwards as Nate Diaz staggered.

Nate Diaz is still standing after eating that massive straight and low leg kicks, Nate Diaz closes the distance but gets a left hook from Edwards. This time Nate Diaz works on some punches followed by a clinch against the fence.

Fifth Round: The final round opens up, Edwards gets Nate Diaz down. However, Nate Diaz gets up immediately. Nate Diaz holds up the clinch against the fence, both back to the middle, Edwards was completely dominating the fight, potentially he got all the rounds in the lead. Nate Diaz holds up the clinch, but Edwards with a nice switch. 1:40 seconds to go...Quick hands landed for Edwards, Nate Diaz is hardly moving on. Nate Diaz with a massive right hand as Edwards staggered. Looks like Edwards is down, but completes the fifth round. That was a massive fight round.

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