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UFC 263 Results: Israel Adesanya Vs. Marvin Vettori Full Fight & Winner

UFC 263 Results: Israel Adesanya Vs. Marvin Vettori Full Fight & Winner

Views: 1188 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

A UFC Middleweight Championship bout between current champion Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori headlines as the co-main event of UFC 263.

First Round: The first round of the main event fight between Israel Adesanya (c) and Marvin Vettori kicks off...there is a no-touch of gloves. A tremendous focus thereby Vettori, moving well. Adesanya with a Body kick followed by a leg kick, but this gives Vetorri an advantage to scoring the first Takedown of the fight.

A nice work by Adesanya as he gets back to his feet, Vettori still holds the clinch, both back to separation with Adesanya attaching Front kick. A pretty good head movement defensively. Looks like one connection there from Vettori. Front kick lands for Adesanya. Another nice left hook followed by a high kick to the head from Adesanya.

Second Round: 10-9 Izzy after 1, First round to Style Bender. Really going to work with those leg kicks. Vettori bringing the pressure but didn’t do much besides the takedown.

Adesanya again with a head kick and then catches Vettori with more shots. 1-2 for Vettori there, Adesanya is just doing a great job with movement, but Vettori still gets to land a right. Vettori is fighting up differently. Adesanya sets up another low kick, that one felt bad for Vettori. There is a clinch for Vettori. 40 seconds to go...both back to the middle, Adesanya follows up a high kick to the head, Vettori still moves on to the third round.

Thrid Round: The seconds comes up...20-18 Izzy after 2, Vettori opens up the third round with a Takedown. Adesanya scrambles through the middle, Vettori takes the back, apparently locking the chin, but Adesanya with a nice reversal to get over Vettori.

Vettori back to the middle after getting an eye poke, Adesanya slams massive right followed by an impactive Low leg kick to stun. Vettori checks for a Jab but looks like Vettori is down with those low leg kicks from Adesanya. Some decent right hands from Vettori.

Adesanya points at the leg of Vettori as he slips down, Adesanya strikes with some punches followed by a low blow that takes Vettori off the fight for a while.

Fourth Round: Fourth round opens up hard for Vettori as he gets struck by Adesanya. Vettori with a clinch and gets the Takedown, but Adesanya immediately stands on his feet followed by a low leg kick.

A beautiful low kick by Vettori there, 2 minutes to go...both were moving well, while, Vettori seems too fatigue comparing to Adesanya. The round ends with a Clinch from Vettory.

Fifth Round: 4-0 Izzy after 4...Adesanya with a high kick to shake Vettory up, Vettori works on clinch position. Adesanya separates followed by a fresh Headkick. 3 minutes to go...Adesanya acts like he is fainting and steals a low leg kick.

Vettori once again with a clinch and drags him down for a Takedown attempt. The crowd louder boos, 10 seconds to go...The fight ends with a clinch. Adesanya with a little eye roll act there as they split up.

Winner: Israel Adesanya via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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