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UFC 263 Results: Demian Maia Vs. Belal Muhammad Full Fight & Winner

UFC 263 Results: Demian Maia Vs. Belal Muhammad	Full Fight & Winner

Views: 246 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

Here are the full results of a Welterweight fight between Demian Maia and Belal Muhammad which takes place at UFC 263.

1st Round: The First round of Demian Maia vs. Belal Muhammad commences with a nice left from Maia. Maia goes for a Takedown by grabbing the knees, but Muhammad balances that one. Maia backs him up for a clinch followed by an immediate Takedown.

Muhammad back to his feet, apparently out of Takedown, they fight in the middle. Maia once again looks to have a Takedown by grabbing the single leg, Muhammad avoids it immediately. Once again Muhammad is balancing on his single leg as Maia continues to attempt a Takedown, both back to the middle as the round ends here.

Second Round: The second round starts off with a massive low leg kick for Belal Muhammad. A Jab landed for Belal Muhammad, both seem to be pretty fresh, while Belal Muhammad giving him different looks. Maia lands a couple of shots.

That left hand from Belal Muhammad gets through, Maia responds with one of his own, Maia is looking down right now, looks like Belal Muhammad will sling him with a massive right hand. Maia once again catches the right leg and holds Belal Muhammad up against the fence. A couple of nice elbows from Belal Muhammad as the round ends here.

Third Round: The final round of the fight kicks off with a Takedown attempt from Maia, but this time Belal Muhammad blocks it, Maia is stunned with that of a massive right from Belal Muhammad.

Belal Muhammad goes high and able to switch the Takedown, Belal Muhammad snaps a right and thus continues to score with some stunning shots. 2 minutes to go...Maia shows off nothing except those Takedown attempts, but nothing gets through as expected. A clinch at the end of the round. Belal Muhammad wins, I guess.

Winner: Belal Muhammad via Decision (unanimous) (30–27, 29–28, 29–28)

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