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UFC 262 Results: Tony Ferguson Vs. Beneil Dariush Full Fight & Winner

UFC 262 Results: Tony Ferguson Vs. Beneil Dariush Full Fight & Winner

Views: 601 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

Houston, May 15, 2021: Here is the full result for the co-main event fight between Tony Ferguson Vs. Beneil Dariush.

First Round: The first round of the co-main event between Tony Ferguson Vs. Beneil Dariush kicks off. Beneil Dariush was very focused on the fight for the time being. Beneil Dariush with a kick to the leg. Beneil Dariush with a Takedown.

However, Tony Ferguson got complete control, looking to control the submission, both with heavy exchanges, the crowd was so pumped for Tony. Beneil Dariush continued to hold the Takedown, Tony tried to move around with his leg touching the defense. The first round ended here.

Second Round: It was 10-9 for Beneil Dariush after the first round. Beneil Dariush with another takedown, but this time Tony Ferguson had the advantage to lock Beneil Dariush in the submission. Beneil Dariush did a great job by staying calm.

Beneil Dariush was on the top, apparently landing multiple shots to the head followed by elbows, Tony Ferguson also ran some elbows. Looks like we got leg submission from Beneil Dariush, Tony almost tapped out, he was in great agony but survived somehow. Things were getting hard for Tony to breathe as Beneil Dariush gave him no room. The round ended here.

Thrid Round: The second round saw Tony away from tapping there. Beneil Dariush drove Tony into the fence and then went on to finish the Takedown. Tony got 4 minutes to bounce back. Beneil Dariush was having a great hold.

2: 20 seconds to go...Tony had been defenseless in all rounds. Tony was so desperate, Tony rolled out, but Beneil Dariush with another hold. The round ended here, possibly Beneil Dariush as the winner.

Winner: Beneil Dariush via Decision (unanimous) (30–27, 30–27, 30–27)

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