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The Undertaker Reveals, He And Godfather Almost Came To Blows During A Snowstorm

The Undertaker Reveals, He And Godfather Almost Came To Blows During A Snowstorm

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"So 1988-89 Memphis territory back then obviously, we don't have cell phones and when you work that territory you live in Nashville, and you make all the towns out of Nashville, so it's a Monday night [Going to Memphis] Mid-South Coliseum.

"So, we drive from Nashville...Godfather's car. He's at the drive for Ford Taurus. So there's myself Tony Anthony. So we go to Memphis we get to Memphis we get to the back door. There's Mr. Coffee--the show's been canceled...There's a big snowstorm coming."

"It was one-way trips 205 miles. We're like, hey, all right shows been canceled. It is a complete whiteout. I mean it is the temperatures dropped 30 degrees. It's snowing sleeting. So nobody's got any experience driving in snow and ice these kinds of conditions like, all right, I'll do it. I'll drive right by now.

"There's an inch ice on the road the Snows coming down. You can barely see two feet in front of you, and I'm driving, you know, five miles an hour ten miles an hour on a good spot and then you look on the side of the road and there are just cars. I mean, it's just car after car after cars is come off the road in the ditch. We're just plugging along man. Well, I got a White Knuckle right? We're about 60 miles outside of Nashville, maybe even closer than that."

"Dirty white girl she got to use the restroom...I'm like, [okay] look here's the deal. I said I'll stop but I'm stopping in the middle of the road by this point. We're six hours in right and we're still 60 miles out. So we're all standing right in the middle of the interstate. She finishes up there and get back in the car. So, Bearer, he goes.

"All right, man. I'll take a sin. It will wait. How's it look? I was like I got this. Let me just go ahead and take you said no, man. I got it. I think it's really it's icy. It's bad. No, man. I got it. I was like bro bleep__It almost comes to like a fist fight right?...No, no the hell. Yeah. It's my car my car. It's my car. I'll drive us in rest away of the way. I find to bring us in."

"So everybody gets back in the car we take off, maybe we go 10 feet. We are sideways sliding down the highway until we slide off of the highway into the ditch. We're teetering 10 feet."

"I turned to look at him. He goes. I don't want to hear it so I don't say a word I so he opens his door. He gets out...I can't go out my side. How many feet in here so I got a slide across go out his side. So there we are the four of us. On the interstate standing there. Finally highway patrolman is coming the other direction."

It's 4:00 in the morning. Ye. Alright for 4:30 in the morning. We're trying to weigh them down. We barely see him. He cuts across and pulls up. He's like, what are you guys doing out here? And I what I got like I want to say like we're freezing our ass off the officer. He says there's a hotel up at the next exit. Okay, Can you give us a ride up there? Yeah, y'all go ahead and get in right so Bearer, Tony, and Kim get in the back seat.

"I go around try to get in the front seat, right? He goes no, no, no, you gonna have to get the back. So you got these two human beings right here that are 300-plus pounds Tony who was 240. Yeah, fortunately, Kim was maybe 90 pounds. You got all four of us in the backseat of a squad car in the morning."

"I remember how he got the money, but he had to get a wrecker to pull his car out come back and get us we end up getting into Nashville with just enough time ever everybody needs to go home re-meet up, and then we had to drive the Louisville. Yeah to this day. That story comes up. I instantly get hot. Because I'm I put all that time in he wants to come in take up all the glory on the end and bring us in and put us in a ditch with ten feet."

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