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Steve Austin Comments On Candid Exchange With CM Punk, Expresses Admiration Amid CM Punk-AEW Enigma

Steve Austin Comments On Candid Exchange With CM Punk, Expresses Admiration Amid CM Punk-AEW Enigma

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Victoria, May 25, 2023 - In an exclusive interview on the esteemed SI Media podcast, the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin graced the platform to promote A&E's enthralling spectacle, "Stone Cold Takes On America," captivating audiences on Sunday nights.

When queried about his perspective on the compelling CM Punk-AEW situation, Austin divulged intriguing details about his recent interaction with the enigmatic Punk. As if choreographed by fate itself, just yesterday, Austin seized the opportunity to connect with Punk, albeit through a seemingly trivial subject—his beloved canine companion. Encountering a poignant image of Punk's loyal four-legged friend, Austin promptly dispatched a heartfelt message to the enigmatic grappler.

News had reached Austin's astute ears, like whispers carried by a clandestine breeze, that Punk had succumbed to the dreaded fate of a torn tricep. Eager for confirmation, Austin inquired with genuine concern, “I just sent a message to Punk yesterday and we were just talking about his dog. He posted a picture of his dog and I sent him a message. I heard through the grapevine that he pulled his tricep. I said, ‘Did you tear your tricep?’, and he confirmed that he had.

I don’t know where he is on the healing process. I don’t know the ins and outs or the behind the scenes stuff. We own a TV and we stream shows every night, but I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch any shows. What I do keep up with wrestling is on social media. I don’t know if there’s a soap opera behind Punk. I think he’s a hellacious talent. I don’t know the trouble or the ongoings of which you speak, so I can’t answer that question. That’s an honest response because I don’t know.”

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