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Sami Zayn Says Paul Heyman Was The Most Opposed To His Involvement In The Storyline With The Bloodline

Sami Zayn Says Paul Heyman Was The Most Opposed To His Involvement In The Storyline With The Bloodline

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Sami Zayn has talked about his belief that Paul Heyman stood as the most challenging member of The Bloodline to convince that he belonged as part of this storyline.

Over several months now, Sami Zayn was managing to keep up with The Bloodline Storyline by being a crucial part of it. But, at the same time when we talk about Paul Heyman, then has been part of The storyline since the origin of "The Bloodline".

Heyman's alliance with "The Bloodline" occurred in 2020 which is even prior to The Usos' return. Paul Heyman's roots as a family friend and associate of the Anoa'i Dynasty go back over three decades.

While speaking with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Zayn stated that Paul Heyman was the most opposed to his involvement in the storyline.

"If I'm being brutally honest. Haman is the one I felt like I had to convince," said Zayn. "He's old school. Roman is his guy, Brock was his guy, and he is very familiar with the top of the card. So for him to be able to buy into me being a part of the act that is at the top of the card, I don't want him to be one of those guys that's grabbing Roman and going, 'Look, you can't work with him. he just did this stuff with [Johnny] Knoxville.'

"I know Roman knows I'm pretty good," Zayn continued. "I know The Usos think I'm pretty good. I think all these guys are great. There is mutual respect. We're peers. With Heyman, he's more strategic about things, things I wouldn't think of. He looks at the business in different ways, and ways that sometimes, I wouldn't look at. So if there was anyone I thought wouldn't be on board, I would have to get convinced; I thought maybe it would be Heyman."

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